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Kurucs doesn't play in Houston victory, Harden fails modestly in Nets failure (VIDEO)

Kurucs doesn't play in Houston victory, Harden fails modestly in Nets failure (VIDEO)
Brooklyn “Nets” Photo: Brooklyn “Nets”

There were 11 games in the National Basketball Association (NBA) last night. In one of them, the Houston Rockets (5-9) represented by Rodion Kuruc played the Detroit Pistons (3-12) with 103: 102, although the Latvian himself did not take part in the match.

During the game, Houston had a 20-point lead, but the team missed it and reached the end of the third quarter. In a tense battle, however, the Rockets were able to break the course of the match and succeed. Eric Gordon was the most productive with 20 points, while Demarkus Casino was excellent under the baskets with 15 rebounds. Detroit ranks 21 points on the Jerami Grant account.

Brooklyn “Nets” (9-8) with 113: 125 gave in to the Cleveland Cavaliers (8-7). Kuruca’s former team started the game more successfully, repeatedly taking the lead. In the second half of the match, the Cavaliers took the initiative and kept the Nets more than ten points away. Cleveland’s victory with 25 points was forged by Colin Sexton, two more players scored “double-double” – Andre Dramond 19 points and 16 balls under baskets, but Larry Nens 15 points and 10 rebounds,

38 points scored by Cairo Irving for Brooklyn, twice less by James Harden

Gordon Hayward’s 34 points did not save Charlotte’s Hornets (6-9) from failure against the Chicago Bulls (7-8) with 110: 123. 24 more points in Devonte Graham’s account. Lamelo Bols, the third number of this year’s draft, was quite modest, with seven points and two assists. It should be noted that the team played this game with nine people. Detroit’s top scorer was Zek Lavin with 25 points, while 23 points were in Laurie Markanen’s account.

11. The victory this season was celebrated by the Philadelphia 76ers (11-5), beating the Boston Celtics (8-6) with 122: 110. During the match, the unit in command changed 14 times, the other quarter went with the Celtics. In the second half of the game, the 76ers took the initiative and succeeded. In Philadelphia’s attack, Joel Embyd was fantastic, throwing 38 points and winning 11 balls under the baskets. “Double-double” also for Ben Simons – 15 points and 11 passes.

Jane Brown was unstoppable in the Boston team with 42 points and nine balls won under the baskets.

Denver Nuggets (8-7) in a successful match with 130: 126 played Phoenix’s “Dog” (130: 126). 31 points and 10 balls for baskets Nikol Jokitch, 31 points for Devin Bucker on the Phoenix team, 27 points and 13 points for Deandre Eiton, 24 points and 10 points for Mikal Bridgis and 11 points and 15 assists for Chris Paul

Boston Celtics – Philadelphia 76ers 110: 122 Brooklyn “Nets” – Cleveland “Cavaliers” 113: 125
Orlango “Magic” – Indian “Pacers” 118: 120 Houston Rockets – Detroit Pistons 103: 102
Chicago Bulls – Charlotte Hornets 123: 110
New York “Knicks” – Sacramento “Kings” 94: 103
Denver Nuggets – Phoenix Dog 130: 126

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