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Kunal Kamra show in Gurgaon canceled after threats by VHP, Bajrang Dal

Kunal Kamra is well known for for him jokes on politicsThe current governmentAnd the social Issues.


Comedian Kunal Kamra Gurgaon show course for Later this month it was canceled by club She was scheduled to host it, after some right-wing organizations threatened to protest over for him jokes for allegedly “insulting the Hindu gods”. come this just Two weeks after Munwar Farooqi’s show shows in Delhi is also canceled, over Similar reasons after the police refused permission.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal wrote earlier today to the Deputy Commissioner, requesting that show Two slots each on September 17-18 at Studio Xo Bar – Canceled.

While the district administration said nothing, easy course, general manager of Studio Xo Bar, told local reporters, “Two men From Bajrang Dal they came and threatened to block show. We’ve decided to cancel because we didn’t want problem.”

The club Delete his Instagram later post That was promoting show.

Kunal Kamra show in Gurgaon canceled after threats by VHP, Bajrang Dal

Instagram has been deleted post from Gurgaon club who was hosting Kunal Kamra.

“I talked with Owners, police, comedian, I do not want Which risk for my company and organization,” The club manager He was quoted as saying Indian ExpressWe did not file any complaints with the police. We have written to the ticket company and started the cancellation process show. ”

Meanwhile, Kunal put Kamra out Tweet that responds to the demands for Cancellation and discrediting the allegations. these said who He pretends to be joking of Our “culture” and “our gods” have no clue.

“so what should The authorities do? ” in tweet. He did not respond to direct inquiries, but he did not respond know Anything about cancellation may be decided.

Mr. Kamra Maarouf for jokes on political and social The issues, often excavated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP, along with other parties. vocal supporter of Recent protests against The governmenthe has been facing Police issues, besides show cancellations.

else yearfor him shows in Bengaluru, Karnataka – a country ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party like Haryana, where is Gurgaon show Now canceled – no permissions.

Instagram post On Bengaluru’s cancellations, he mentioned two reasons: “First, we didn’t get special Permissions for seat 45 people in The place that can fit more. Second, the threats were made to me shut down The place if I ever will perform there. I think this is also part of Covid protocol And the new guiding rules. I suppose I saw the alternative of virus now.”

he is one of many comedians facing Right-wing Hindutva anger outfits.

Munwar Farooqi who From Gujarat, forced to face Cancellations, cases and worse – including a month in jail in Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled Madhya Pradesh – over for him jokes on religion, politics And other contemporary controversial issues.

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