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KP police personnel told not to attend the long PTI march – Newspaper

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Department on Tuesday kept his personnel from participation in PTI’s long march towards Islamabad, according to a letter released by the department.

PTI is in power in KP – began the march of “Hakiki Azadi” towards Islamabad. on Friday.

The letter, addressed to all regional police officers, contains a warning “not to violate territorial jurisdiction” and a “legal mandate”.

“All police officers/officials, in carrying out their official duties under their jurisdiction must not override territorial jurisdiction and legal authority as they have been assigned under the KP Police Law of 2017,” the statement said.

The instructions were given after a letter from the Ministry of Internal Affairs dated October 26, which stated that government employees should do not allow join any protest.

it added what are protests should carry out according to the constitution and in line with in various judgments of Supreme Court.

“It is equally important that no government employee allowed join any such protest,” the ministry said in a communiqué.

personnel of KP police escorting PTI deputies from the province clashed with islamabad police in in past.

Previously last Within a month, Islamabad police detained Saleh Muhammad Khan Swati, a PTI MP from Mansera, and two of his KP police operatives, on allegations of terrorism for allegedly shot at the police party deployed outside election Committee of Pakistan office.

The incident happened on the day the commission disqualified PTI chairman Imran Khan in link to Toshahan.

Published in Dawn, November 2, 2022

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