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Kolkata policeman shoots multiple times on duty and kills himself

Kolkata: Cop fired several rounds Before killing Himself


policeman in the police posted In the Deputy High Commission of Bangladesh in Kolkata fired several rounds before he shoots himself dead today. a woman who I was hit in The firing He reportedly died.

It was Kolkata Police Constable, Chudup Lipcha on left and was joined duty today is city The police chief said.

The policeman fired from his service weapon, a self-loading rifle or SLR. Senior police officers arrived at the scene soon after the accident.

“Chudup lipcha joined About the police year Kolkata Police Chief said, “One woman was seriously injured. Others sustained minor injuries.”

Police said they will investigate whether Chodup Lipcha suffers from depression.

The whole incident continued for About five minutes, Pablo the Sheikh, who He said he saw the shooting news PTI Agency.


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