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Know where the radars will be in the week of June 14th to 20th because “whoever warns you…”

PSP prevention and information campaign for next week

Sun, beach, maybe a sardine at lunch or in the late afternoon and now another week of work is coming .

If you are one of those who spent the weekend working, then just a few more days are coming here to continue your journey.


But whatever it is, pay attention to the road! Be cautious and always drive with care.

To keep you (even) more attentive, find out the places where the PSP, next week from June 14th to 20th, will perform radar control. Or rather, “some” places, where the PSP preventively indicates that it will be monitoring the radar.

You know, “who warns you…”

The list by district:


14/jun/21 14H45 South Axis – S. Roque – São Miguel Island
15/Jun/21 14H45 Regional Road 3 – 1st – São Miguel Island
17/Jun/21 13H00 Belo Jardim, Praia da Vitória – Ilha Terceira
18/Jun/21 06H45 North Axis – Ribeirinha – Ilha São Miguel

Jun 19, 21 2:45 PM North Axis – S. Pedro Nordestinho – São Miguel Island


17/jun/21 14H00 Av. Universidade – Aveiro


Jun/21 9:00 AM Rua Zeca Afonso – Beja



14/Jun/21 3:00 pm Av. João Paulo II – Braga
17/Jun/2 1 3:00 pm Av. António Macedo – Braga


Jun/21/21 5:00 pm Alameda Pêro da Covilhã – Covilhã


14/Jun/21 2:30 pm Edgar Cardoso Bridge (N/S) – Figueira da Foz


15/jun/21 09H00 EN 114 – Av. Túlio Espanca – Évora


15/Jun/21 09H00 Av. de Castro Marim – Vila R. Stº António
16/Jun/21 09H00 Rua of the Portuguese Red Cross – Tavira
Jun 17, 21 08:00 Moinho da Palmeira Road – Faro


14/jun/21 4:00 pm Municipal Road 577 – Guard



June 16, 21 09H00 European Community Avenue – Leiria
Jun 16, 21 2 pm EN 242 – Marinha Grande
Jun 17/ 21 2:00 pm Rua de Leiria – Alcobaç a


15/Jun/21 08:30 AM Av. Capitães de Abril – Mem Martins
15/Jun/21 2:30 PM Rua Bica da Costa – Queluz
16/Jun/21 09H00 Av. Nicolau Breyner – Loures
16/Jun/21 14H00 Rua Doutor Armindo Santos Ferreira – Santo António dos Cavaleiros
Jun 19, 21 2:00 pm Av. da República – Lisbon


Jun 18, 21 2 pm VR 1 – São Pedro – Santa Cruz Council
18/Jun/21 19H00 VR 1 East/West – Câmara de Lobos Council



Jun 18, 21 08H00 Av. do Dia de Portugal – Elvas


14/Jun/21 20H00 Av. D. João II – Oliveira do Douro
17/Jun/21 14H00 Av. Marechal Gomes da Costa – Porto


14/Jun/21 08H00 Barreira Alva – Torres Novas
14/Jun/21 08H30 Av. 25 de Abril – Cartaxo
15/Jun/21 15H00 Av . Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro – Entroncamento
Jun 17, 21 08H00 Av. Bombeiros Voluntários – Ourém


Jun/21/21 09H00 External Circular – Montijo


Jun 16, 21 21H00 Av. do Meio-Areosa – Viana do Castelo


14/Jun/21 09H00 Av. Da Norway – Vila Real


Jun 18, 21 08H00 Av. Manuel Abreu Lameiras – Viseu

These are the places where the PSP (also) will do the radar control. We alert you that these are places indicated by the PSP itself in an action to prevent car accidents.

The list is the responsibility of the PSP and is entirely reproduced from the Official Notice of the Public Security Police published at the beginning of each month.

You must always drive with care and fully respect the Highway Code and all indications of law enforcement and/or traffic agents.


You already know, if these are the places where radars “are”, then it is worth remembering that they can also exist in other places…

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