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Knife wounds in Soho: witnesses tell of horror Moment of knife wounds of two policemen in London West End


knife man surrounded by police after injuring two officers in Soho was arrested after a passer-by threw a bike at him, shocking video shows.

Two West End police officers were called to Shaftesbury Avenue to assist the woman. who According to the source, he was allegedly put to sleep in a nightclub.

While they were tending to her at about 6 am on On Friday, a passer-by warned them about a man with knife walking past in heart of West End.

The suspect was reported to have cooperated with search and put hands out until he pulled out knife and wounded two officers.

Other officers arrived and the suspect was thrown to the ground. In the video, a man drops a knife and one of officers kicks it is far.

But after a few seconds, despite the stun gun, he gets to his feet, up knife and swings it at another officer face.

The video seems show passing cyclist throwing his bike on the suspect and he is pinned down and arrested.

BUT young A female police officer has suffered a serious stab wound to her arm that Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley says could change her life.

The horrifying footage showed the moment police held bandages to various points on in second male officer after three stab wounds times in neck and once in rib cage.

He is expected to do full recovery.

forensic experts work at the site where two police officers were stabbed, near Leicester Square, in London


The couple were attacked after they went to stop a suspect near an intersection. of Shaftesbury Avenue and Great Windmill Street.

The incident is not considered terror Related. The person who is considered in his 20s was arrested at the scene.

Hotel worker Arunas Ambulevius, 34, told the Standard: “The police got the knife. out of his hand. He fell on ground, but then he seized it and went towards them. One of they had a hand injury, the other looked a lot less serious.

“The police fought against chances because he had a knife. What happened to the officers is terrible.”

Builder who It was just arrived for work nearby said: “There were police everywhere, I thought that terror incident.

“I saw the guy being detained, and two policemen on Earth. Looked there like a lot of of blood and bad injury.”

Two officers were stabbed and are currently being treated in hospital.

/ Nick Edwards

The police cordon was thrown up around area how detectives comb for hints.

An employee of the metro station in Piccadilly Circus said: “There are a lot of of crime and take drugs here especially in early hours.

“This is a lair of the thieves. I saw two officers on land and police everywhere. One of they said colleagues was attacked. looked like bad”.

forensic experts in West End

/ Pennsylvania

Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Stuart Candy called the stabbing “horrible”. event”.

He said attack in Leicester Square area not considered terrorist-related or death of Queen.

Mr Kandy said “It’s awful event. We do not believe that this is terror related, and equally we do not believe that it is currently related to events that happened this week.”

A police spokesman previously stated: “The taser was activated and the man was arrested. on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and assault on an emergency worker. He was taken to the hospital for where is the treatment remains at the moment.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said he did with Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley about the “terrible” attack and what condition of officers, fortunately, was not life threatening.

He said: “These two officers in our thoughts and prayers. Luckily it’s not life threatening, but it’s a reminder of the risks that police officers across our country are exposed to every day when they put on their uniform. good news that the person was arrested.”

In a statement, he added: “These brave officers did their duty and assistance public at this momentous time for our country.

“My thoughts and prayers with they, their loved ones and the police colleagues after this shameful attack.

“Our policemen run in the direction danger protect others and save us safe and we owe them debt of gratitude.”


Ken Marsh, Chairman of The Police Federation stated: “This highlights bravery of our officers who run in the direction danger.

“For all the police challenges over this period with in events surrounding the queen, our officers out there without fear or favor. They were unarmed officers challenging the man. with knife.”

Nicky Aiken MP for Cities of London & Westminster, who talks about Soho, said she was “shocked” to hear about it. of “nonsensical attack”.

“Every day, cops across the country put themselves forward keep us safe and secure. They are run in the direction danger when we run away from him,” she said. “

“We owe them for them duty and their courage. An attack on officer is attack on all of us”.

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