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Kingsol became the Microsoft Partner of the Year in Hungary

Microsoft’s gold-ranked partner, Kingsol, which offers customized cloud services, won the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award this year. The winner has developed easy-to-use solutions based on Microsoft technologies that have made his customers even more successful.

Kingsol won the Microsoft Partner of the Year award in 2021 out of more than 2,000 Microsoft resellers and educational partners in Hungary. financial year. Kingsol strives to simplify and make tangible the benefits of the most complex cloud services

Kingsol Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics designs, builds and deploys a cloud-based work environment and supports its customers. operation. In April this year, the company became the first Microsoft Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization Partner in Hungary. This was partly due to an independent auditor certifying that Kingsol has extensive experience and expertise in the deployment, secure and optimal operation of Azure-based virtual machines in both the small and medium-sized enterprise and enterprise segments.

István Király, CEO of Kingsol, said: “Ten years ago, we started our business based on Microsoft’s cloud services. We have helped many domestic companies and large companies in the digital transformation in recent years, which have been able to develop further with our solutions. we have now gained recognition, thanks to our ability to make others successful. As a member of the Gloster Group, we will continue to give even greater impetus to technology and IT support for our existing and hopeful customers from 2021. “

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