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Kim threatens use nuclear weapons amid tensions with USA, South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has warned he is ready use its nuclear weapons in potential military conflicts with USA and South Korea, state. media said Thursday as he unleashed fiery rhetoric against rivals he says pushing the Korean Peninsula to the edge of war.

Kim’s message to war veterans on 69 years old of the end of The Korean War of 1950-1953, apparently, was supposed to strengthen internal unity. in an impoverished country amid the economic hardships associated with the pandemic. While Kim increasingly threatened his rivals with nuclear weapons, it is unlikely that he use them first against superior military forces of The US and its allies, observers say.

“Our armed forces are fully prepared to respond to any crisis, and our country’s nuclear deterrent also ready to mobilize its absolute power submissively, accurately and quickly in conformity with this is missionKim said. in Speech on Wednesday, reportedly official Korean Central News Agency.

He blamed the US of “demonization” of North Korea to justify its hostile policies. He said US-South Korea military exercises targeting North Korea show USA”double standards” and “gang-like” aspects because it stigmatizes North Korea’s routine military activity — an obvious reference to his missile tests — as provocations or threats.

Kim also claimed that new South Korean government of President Yoon Seok-yeol is led by “confrontation maniacs” and “thugs” who went further than previous South Korean conservative government. Since the adoption office in May, Yun government moved to the fortification of Seoul military alliance with United States and strengthen its ability to neutralize North Korea’s nuclear threats, including the possibility of a pre-emptive strike.

“Speaking of military action against our nation, having the ultimate weapon that they fear the most, is a ridiculous and very dangerous suicidal act,” Kim said. “Such a dangerous attempt will immediately punished our powerful power and Yoon Seok Yeol government and his military will be destroyed.”

Moon Hong-sik, deputy spokesman for South Korea’s defense ministry, reiterated on Thursday the earlier position that South Korea is strengthening its position. military capacity and joint defense pose with United States to handle with escalation of the North Korean nuclear threat. Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea of The staff said military maintains readiness.

In April, Kim said that North Korea could proactively use nuclear weapons in the event of a threat, stating that they “will never be limited to one mission of means of deterring war. Kim military It has also test- launched missiles with nuclear warheads, which place both the US mainland and South Korea within the strike distance. US and South Korean officials have repeatedly stated in in past few months that North Korea is ready to spend its first nuclear test in five years.

Kim is looking for more public support like his country economy suffered from border closures due to the pandemic, US-imposed sanctions, and his own mismanagement. North Korea in May also admitted to his first The outbreak of COVID-19, despite the scale of sickness and death widely disputed in country lacking modern medicine Deal with it.

“Kim’s rhetoric inflates external threats to justify his military and economic focus. struggling regime,” said Leif-Erik Isley, professor at Ewha University in Seoul. “Nuclear and missile programs are in violation of international law, but Kim is trying to portray his destabilizing arms buildup as a righteous attempt to assert himself.defense”.

Experts say North Korea is likely to step up its threats against The United States and South Korea as allies prepare for an expansion of summer exercises. In recent years, the South Korean and US military have canceled or reduced some of them regular exercise due to concerns about COVID-19 and support stalled U.S.-led diplomacy aimed at persuading North Korea give up nuclear program in come back for economic and political benefits.

During Wednesday’s speech, Kim said that government recently set tasks improve it military ability more respond quickly to military pressure campaign from enemies, suggesting that he intends to continue with expected nuclear test.

But Cheong Son-Chang’s private Sejong Institute in South Korea said North Korea won’t be likely to carry out its nuclear test before China, its main ally and biggest benefactor, holds the Communist Party Congress in autumn. He said that China was concerned that the North Korean nuclear test could give The United States is an excuse to strengthen its security partnerships with his allies that he could use check Chinese influence in in region.

North Korea recently stated that moving to overcome the COVID-19 outbreak amid a sharp drop in fever cases, but experts say it’s unclear if the country will be able to lift its strict restrictions soon because it could face viral resurgence after that year. On the Wednesday event, Kim, veterans and others did not wear masks, state. media photos showed. On Thursday, North Korea reported 11 cases of fever, a huge drop from the top of about 400,000 per day in May.

North Korea rejects US and South Korean proposals for health care items. It has also said it won’t go back to negotiations with USA, unless they first abandons its hostile policy on north, in obvious reference to US sanctions and the US-South Korean military drill.

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