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Kim flaunts his pampered lifestyle in new photo

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, accompanied by his daughter Zhu Ae, inspected preparations for the launch of his country’s first military reconnaissance satellite.

Kim endorsed the committee’s work plan for preparing for the launch of the satellite and said that the successful launch of the satellite is “urgent given the security situation around the country”, noting that North Korea is “strongly using its right to self-defense and sovereignty” in light of the activities of the United States and Korea in the south of the region.

The North Korean leader has ordered preparations to launch the first North Korean reconnaissance satellite on April 19. The moon is intended to enhance North Korea’s intelligence gathering capabilities.

And the appearance of Kim’s daughter with him on important occasions has become a regular occurrence for his exuberance, amid speculation that she may be in the process of becoming his successor to rule the country. State media called the girl the “favorite child” or “darling” of her father, the North Korean leader.

Kim has taken his daughter to public events on numerous occasions, including missile test launches, a military review marking the 75th anniversary of the North Korean People’s Army, and sports competitions marking his grandfather Kim Il Sung’s birthday.

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