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Khrushchev knot

this is part of telegram to Khrushchev, leader of Soviet Union (1953-64), sent to US President John F. Kennedy in the midst of of Cuban Missile Crisis: Mr. President, we and you should not pull now on ends of rope in which you tied the knot of war because more two of us pull, the tighter this knot will be tied. And there may come a time when this knot will be tied so tightly that even he who knotted, he will not have the strength to untie it, and then it will be necessary to cut this knot. And what would that mean, no for I’ll explain to you, because you yourself perfectly understand of what terrible forces are ours countries dispose of. Therefore, if there is no intention to tighten this knot and thereby doom world to disaster of thermonuclear war, then let us not only weaken the forces pulling on ends of rope, let us take action to untie this knot. We are ready for This.”

The statement perfectly explains the prevailing political crisis. in Pakistan. On the one side of rope opposition parties and on another side PTI. Both pulled the rope to their side since then announcement of in results of 2018 general elections. Tow of The war started when Bilawal Bhutto called Imran Khan “the chosen prime minister” during his inauguration. session of National Assembly after elections in 2018. Gradually other opposition leaders joined in game. By January 2022 game intensified. From this point on, the rope is pulled at both ends, and the knot continues to tighten. The masses are trapped in knot, and if both sides continue to pull the rope to their side, people we will soon be unable to breathe. But it turns out not sign of the ending game. Not one ready to say in Khrushchev’s words: “We are ready for it’ i.e. to pull out.

Hope appeared when the Supreme Court intervened. But, according to many, this is unlikely. social media activists, failed provide acceptable way forward to all disputing parties. For example, many people invitation to Bilawal Bhutto and Shehbaz Sharif to the podium in Hall 1 of Supreme Court caused suspicion as well as order for Speaker for the meeting session on specific date and time; and recovery of Federal cabinet that resigned voluntarily. Many also took it as interference in interior affairs of parliament. Read Article 69 (1): “The reality of any litigation cannot be called in question on Earth of any violations of procedure.” Postponement of hearing on Article 63A was also perceived by some with suspicion.

This worth noting here that on 5th The April English newspaper reported that the electoral commission of Pakistan “expressed inability conduct general elections within three months, referring to various legal hitches and procedural challenges as reason”. The next day, the ECP issued a two-line clarification stating that it had not made any statements regarding the behavior of elections. 7th April, several hours before the decision of the Supreme Court announcedECP released a statement expressing its inability Keep general elections within 90 days. Coming publicCEP proved to the newspaper story loyal.

The plot thickens.

This worth noting here that election observation group It was also made a similar statement on 4th April. His statement says: “Numerous constitutional, legal and operational challenges to behavior of early election”. Statement also expressed “hope for hint decision the highest court, as any delay would continue to be exacerbated by the attendant problems arising out of constitutional impasse. Now consider this statement of opposition parties of time, printed in English daily on 6th April: Opposition parties seem to be losing patience with protracted Supreme Court hearing of case concerning with in current political situation, and this was evident in the tone and tenor of statements, press conferences and tweets issued alongside of opposition leaders on Tuesday. AT series of statements to the press, opposition leaders not only called on the supreme court to rule on the case as soon as possible, but also also expressed the hope that the judiciary would not resurrect the “doctrine of need’ again”.

5th April, an old friend and former Prime Minister Khan’s Special Assistant sent me a statement to be circulated. for support. He had already bore 150 surnames, including mine. I have read the statement and found this is false and biased. For example, it said: “The Constitution of Pakistan has been canceled outgoing government”. We all know The constitution has not been repealed. And secondly, even though fate of PTI government became unreliable, no one I was sure of the result. I pointed out the same to him in answer, he said that I was right. I’m together with some people objected that their names were added as signatories of application without their consent. I was informed in writing what my name was removed by my request. Interestingly, when I researched further, I got this answer – “Long story, Bari. You guess. Within 24 hours, the application reaches the office of the chief judge and is distributed media.

The question arises: how come these high qualified writers could make such mistakes and predict future? Interestingly, said statement reportedly reached the Supreme Court. like bullet and widely published media. Now reconsider the similarities mentioned above between the statement of election observation group statements of opposition parties and the CCP’s position on holding of elections within 90 days. Was it just a series of matches or part of script? I leave readers to draw their own conclusions. However, when I join at anecdotal points, I find patterns and mysterious connections. This is also made me and many other Pakistanis living inside or overseas is extremely sad way Islamabad High Court and Supreme Court suddenly become active on Saturday night. Since then, a colossal suspicion has seized the nation. This is also I was deeply saddened when I discovered offensive tweets addressed to our respected judges.

I personally believe that the intelligentsia and civil society should take positions based on on ethics and considering their ideology. However, they should be careful when taking side when pulling the rope threatens cause mayhem and death to humanity. Though this pull seems to have stopped for currently it is likely to accelerate even more aggressively in coming days. I think who Khrushchev will act!

Published in Express Tribune, 19 April.th2022.

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