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Khan can’t provide proof for murder charge in CNN interview

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Imran Khan said on Monday that the incumbent government and others he accused of planning attack on they wanted to show that a “religious fanatic” did it.

Khan claimed that two months ago “the agency made a video” accusing him of of blasphemy and insult to religious feelings.

“It was a planned assassination and we knew about it three months ago. I went on air in advance and warned that it would be so, ”he said.

“And that’s why I called for independent investigation […] I named three people and they responsible for It. If you want to conduct an independent investigation, then should be done with them on upstairs,” Imran demanded.

Imran Khan claimed that the plot to assassinate him was conceived two months ago.
Imran Khan argued why he can’t take names of people who he thought behind his attempt.

“Why am I like a man who were going to kill, can’t name people who planned this attempt on me,” he demanded.

“I went to public as well as announced it on September 24th. Like me know this is? It started when I was overthrown and since then it was expected that my party fall apart […] but what happened instead was what was big public feedback and my party got huge support”.

former the premier said that efforts had been made to “throw to me out of in race or “disqualify me”.

PTI chairman Imran Khan said on Monday that the party’s long march had achieved its goal “regardless of the circumstances” as former prime minister putting pressure on government in his quest for instant polls.

Khan currently recovery in Lahore from the bullet wounds he received in attempted murder in Wazirabad attack. The day before, he was discharged from the Shaukat khanum hospital.

The ex-prime minister during the meeting with representatives of media organs, said that party would back down only after receiving the date for general elections. Khan said that there could be no compromise. made with coalition rulers including PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif.

He said the march would be led by PTI general secretary Asad Umar and party vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi. The long march stopped last one week after attack on Khan.

Head of PTI – who was critical of military forces after his overthrow in April – said personnel of the army stands guard on borders were like his “children”.
Khan said he was going against institution was not option for in party. former prime minister accused three people including senior military official, for Vazirabad attack as well as also called for his dismissal. However, the army denied this accusation and called it “baseless”.

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