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Khamenei: In the Vienna talks, we receive offers that are not worth looking into

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, said today, Wednesday, that the offers that Iran receives during the Vienna talks on the nuclear deal “are not worth looking into.”

Khamenei has the final say on all matters of state in the matter. Iran, which gives importance to any comment he makes.

Khamenei added in a speech: “The offers they present are usually arrogant and insulting, and are not worth looking into.”

Khamenei’s comments came as Iran announced that it would enrich uranium to a higher level than any previous level, after the attack. During the weekend, the Natanz nuclear facility.

Tehran blamed the attack on Israel, which did not claim responsibility, although it was widely suspected of carrying out it.

and broadcast television. The official quoted Khamenei as saying today that the ongoing talks between Tehran and world powers to save the 2015 nuclear deal should not be based on “attrition.”

Khamenei added: “America does not seek to accept the truth in the negotiations … its goal in the talks. It is imposing their wrong desires … the European parties that have signed the agreement follow American policies In the talks despite the recognition of Iran’s rights. ”

He continued,“ The nuclear talks in Vienna must not be based on attrition, ”warning that the negotiations“ drag on ”and become“ harmful ”to Iran.

And he said: Khamenei, “We must be careful not to erode the negotiations. It must not be turned into a means for some parties to make it prolonged, which will be harmful to the country. “

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