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Kelly wins in Arizona pushes Democrats to keep Senate


On Friday, Senator Mark Kelly (D) was predicted to win re-election in Arizona over Republican Blake Masters, Boosting Democrats’ Chances of Maintaining Control of Senate for two more years.

The victory gives the Democrats the 49th seat in the Senate. just below 50 they need to control the House, where Vice President Harris is authorized to cut ties. republicans, who have also 49 seats provided, now you need to turn the seats in and Nevada and Georgia to take control of camera.

While race not decided until the second round in December, Democrats are cautiously optimistic that they can win a majority before more mail ballots are taken into account in Tough Nevada competition.

Democratic control of The Senate will grant Biden with some leverage for his agenda on capitol hill regardless of Exodus in The house that also remained unsettled late Friday night. Republican control of Senate to further complicate Biden’s agenda for in next two years, allowing the GOP to potentially slow down or block confirmation of Biden cabinet officials and judges.

Republicans came to the midterm elections to get just one place to take control of upper house of Congress, which divided it equally year. Them path narrowed down to victory on election night when Democrats flipped a key Senate seat in Pennsylvania, with Democratic Lieutenant Gov. John Fetterman (D) beats up famed Dr. Mehmet Oz, another first incumbent Republican nominee who was supported former President Donald Trump in primaries

Arizona race was one of the hottest race of in year. Kelly, a former astronaut, beat masters, venture capitalist, after expensive race in whom the Democrat positioned himself as a moderate who would work through the passage. Some Republicans gloomily assessed their chances in purple state this fall as the Democrats surpassed them and retained a significant lead with independent. But the survey showed race tightening up toss-up in in final stretch.

Kelly led by almost six percent points with more than 80 percent of ballots counted late Friday night.

Arizona once seemed ripe for pickup truck Republican Party, with especially high inflation and backlash in state to the Biden administration’s border policy. Masters sought to cast Kelly like a rubber stamp for Biden. But like so many other races this year the Democrats have won despite the discouraging political environment portraying them opponent how extreme and infuriating over strict new abortion bans what followed the end of Rowe vs. Wade.

Masters won nomination with OK of Trump and $15 million in with the support of tech billionaire Peter Thiel, friend and mentor. He repeated former presidential false 2020 election announcements in a campaign Trump slogan ad won. A first Time Candidate, Masters quickly caused some concern in GOP what their candidates in critical the races were ineffective.

Senate Leadership Fund, group aligned with Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) began to pull out of in race a few weeks after the primaries, although other GOP groups eventually helped the Masters compete on ether with kelly, one of Senate best fundraising.

Masters was critical of McConnell during the primaries and renewed that criticism this week, calling McConnell and the Republican establishment “incompetent.” on Fox News.

“If he chose spend money in Arizona, this race would over”, Masters said. “We would be celebrating a majority in the Senate right now.”

Masters gave the Democrats a chance during a summer debate when he considered privatizing Social Security. democrats also spent a lot of time highlighting his evolving comments on abortion, as he supported off calls for a comprehensive “federal personality law” in in general elections and approved the proposed national ban on abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Kelly campaign It was already produced and tested negative ads against Masters before the August 3 primaries, assistants for Kelly said and found the strongest ad used its own Masters ad language, in specific on abortion and welfare. In August, when the masters had limited resources and the republican groups had few TV shows. supporting him Kelly campaign used this vacuum to drastically enlarge my TV budget.

internally it strategy became known as a “surge” – a bet that spending resources early would worth it’s because it would help identify the masters for general- Electoral voters.

In Kelly campaign polls conducted from late July to early September, unfavorable estimates for Masters jumped from 35 percent up to 48 percentthe assistants said. who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe private strategy decisions. Masters himself called the Democratic strategy saying in 19 August radio interview: “They’re trying to blow me up, you know they’re trying kill in baby in bed is here.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s publicity was aimed at bolstering his brand as an independent Democrat and sought to create distance with Biden on in issue of borders. His first the advertisement addressed the economic hardship caused by inflation, telling story of his upbringing as son of two policemen.

“From the day one is campaign was about many Arizonans – Democrats, Independents and Republicans – who believe in work together to solve important challenges we face”, Kelly said. in statement on Friday after race called.

Masters campaign not comment Friday night when asked if he would give in.

Masters’s Fundraising Appeal campaign on Thursday made no allegations of wrongdoing, but argued that “some of the problems we see occur cause concern during these elections.” it added”We expect a controversial road forward and legal battles come.”

Friday Night Appearance on Fox News host Tucker Carlson showMasters went even further, claiming without providing evidence that Maricopa County, home to more how half of Arizona voters are “mixed” up” ballots on twice. BUT campaign the representative did not respond to the request for the evidence underlying these allegations and the county’s representative also didn’t answer right away.

In Georgia, Senator Raphael G. Warnock (D) ran for just a little ahead of Republican nominee Herschel Walker former football player. But no candidate met fifty percent threshold required to prevent runoff.

Also in Arizona, Democrat Adrian Fontes should have win in race for secretary of state by defeating Republican Mark Fincham, the far-right state legislator who sought supervision of elections in Arizona, groundlessly insisting on the abolition of certification results since 2020.

Finham was one of several Republican Party nominees for secretary of state who campaigned on Trump false claims that the 2020 elections stolen. If a electedhe would serve as a horseback in the elections official for state of the battlefield in 2024. secretary of state certifies results.

“We know that Republicans and independents are interested in in truthFontes said. in interview immediately after race called. “We know what they are not interested in in False. What is it says it’s a democracy, at least for as long as it survives in of this republic.

in Nevada where votes still counted, Senator Katherine Cortez Masto (D) trailed GOP nominee Adam Laxalt by a narrow margin. former public prosecutor general, on Friday. But Democrats are seeing encouraging signs that ballots by mail from urban areas will be catch her up.

While Republicans have long hoped to regain the House of Representatives, goal they have yet to clinch, they faced a more uncertain fight over Senate. Republicans held on to competition places in North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin in Elections on Tuesday while Democrats prevailed in Colorado, New Hampshire and Washington State.

The Republican Party should net only five places for majority in Chamber and expressed confidence they will prevail there. But their achievements have not yet materialized. of red wave breaking way for narrower majority in what guidance will need more single support from an often capricious meeting to adopt its agenda.

Republican Joe Lombardo also projected to topple Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak in Nevada on Friday, handing the GOP their first pick up in governor race this election cycle.

In a statement released before race was called Friday night, Sisolak said it “looks like we’re going to drop a percentage point or so.” of victory” and what he believes in “our choices system, in democracy and respect for the will of Nevada voters. He noted the struggle of in past four years – including the pandemic and inflation – and said he had achieved out in Lombardo wish his success.

During the campaign Lombardo, sheriff of Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, criticized Sisolak’s actions. of crime, education and coronavirus pandemic. He said he would be a “pro-life governor” but sought to play down in issue and said he would follow ” vote of in people’, as Sisolak accused him of change of positions out of political convenience.

“Our victory is a victory for all Nevadas who want our fortune to receive back on track,” Lombardo said. in announcement Friday night. “This is victory for small business owners, for parents, for students, and for law enforcement agencies.”

Lombardo’s victory marks victory for the Republican Party first governor’s pickup in a year when many incumbent Democrats challenged the hopes of the Republican Party of red wave prevailing in hard races in Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas and Oregon, where the independent candidate split the Democrats. vote.

Stanley-Becker reported from Arizona. Yvonne Wingett Sanchez in Arizona contributed to this report.

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