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Keir Starmer should shrug off tori “beer dab” over his isolation double standards

Keir Starmer asked for problems when he stated that he was “absolutely no match” between his blocking work-break and prime ministers.

For most people, the Labor leader’s protest that “we were very busy” working on local elections campaign last year sounded strikingly similar to Boris Johnson’s defense. prime minister insisted that he and his officials worked very hard and only ever stopped for moment for say a few words to him of thank you, or be ambushed with cake.

So Labor may complain, but it doesn’t surprise them that the Conservatives campaign portray Starmer as a hypocrite or whatever should have featured on front page of in daily mail for three days in a row. Starmer best the answer would be not to argue, but to change the subject – and leave record speak for myself.

In all complexity of What law was enforced, where and when, Starmer was fortunate that the Metropolitan Police, on the advice of Crown Prosecution, concluded that Johnson’s birthday cake had broken the law and that Durham force came to a different conclusion about my bottle of beer. In the end, that’s all. Johnson is a lawbreaker, but Starmer is not.

The only one people who take care of injustice of this difference are staunch conservatives – and many of they don’t have much time for in prime minister anyway, because they thought he was should never installed for blocking in in first place. daily mailheadlines can reinforce views of readers who never liked Starmer, but I doubt they have much effect on floating voters.

Damage caused by politicians violating the quarantine law already happened and it was supported by Boris Johnson. These voters who firmly convinced of this, will continue to do so if they lost relatives during the lockdown and were not allowed to see them. For others effect will disappear. Barnard Castle is still coming up occasionally in focus groups, but I thought Johnson would pay higher price than he for failed to fire Dominic Cummings for its lock is broken.

May be more penalty notifications come for Johnson, but they are unlikely to do additional damage, unlike a reminder people for a few days of damage already made. I suspect that effect of possible publication of Sue Gray’s report will be the same. People have already decide what they think of in prime minister presiding over lawbreaking in Downing Street. And whatever view floating voters of The Saga Keir Starmer is feature in This is. I.e good and bad news for Work.

I know of focus-group research blown away out another day in midlands city containing lot of marginal Tory seats. group was of people who voted Labor since 2005, but who voted tory in 2019. They were spontaneously and internally outraged by the quarantine parties, but didn’t say anything when asked what they thought. of Starmer.

Organizer of in group said he “had yet to meet a single floating voter capable of mustering even an iota of enthusiasm for him.” Notably, older voters mentioned David Miliband as a party great a missed opportunity that only goes show what when party beret wrong turning it can take a long time to get back on correct road.

Starmer has more worry about what the partisan tories point to photos of his with bottle of beer. His problem exactly this of questions that work in his favor will now fade with time of in next elections. Anger over closed parties will subside. Compression on in cost of life will probably get easier by the summer of 2024.

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For all questions on what opinion polls currently record unprecedented leads for Labor, the mood is likely to turn around. current unusual view of Labor as low-tax party, for for example, is unlikely to survive the pre-election decline of taxes.

On the crime once everyone joked about criminal in No. 10, restoration of police numbers will be at least give Johnson chance of fight with score draw. Even on National Health Service, on that labor will always retain its faith-based advantage, it possible what if you waitlist numbers moving in right direction in in year before polling day, a sufficient number of voters will decide that they do not more likely to be able to see a GP under Labor government.

Starmer can afford to shrug off Tori campaign against his isolation double standards, but he has a long way go before he earns the same of impact on former Labor voters, like even David Miliband.

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