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Kasuri gets a life sentence achievement award calls for the end of internal disunity

– Hails SK Lambah’s revelation of Pakistan-India deal resolve Kashmir

LAHORE: Mian Khurshid Mahmoud Kasuri, former Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, highlighted need for internal unity if Pakistan is to achieve meaningful progress in field of foreign policy.

He said that in V current state of disunity and deficiency of direction in Pakistan, no country, friend or foe, knows how or who deal with with in Pakistan. He said that this was a very dangerous situation and should not be allowed to continue, and that this was the main duty of all interested parties in Pakistan to put an end to this. He made these remarks at the Government College University Lahore during the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution in Foreign relations and diplomacy, promotion of Pakistan relations with main world forces and neighbors and for its efforts to promote regional peace and interoperability.

Mr. Kasuri expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the recent book “In Pursuit of of Peace” by Ambassador S. K. Lambach of India who mediated negotiations between Pakistan and India during the tenure of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, fully confirmed that what Mr. Kasuri said in his book “Neither hawk nor dove” was published long before Pakistan and India agreed resolve all outstanding issues, including Jammu and Kashmir.

Kasuri Expresses Pleasant Surprise at Lamba’s Revelation that Modi Asked Him to Continue dialogue in 2014 on the same four-point formula. former FM said he knew that because of the negativity generated by Hindutva supporters under the Modi government, the relationship between the two countries became extremely tense. Prime Minister Modi, according to Kasuri, cannot rule India forever.

Even on best of timeson was able to provide about 37% of V total votes with overwhelming majority for sides who largely opposed current policy of BJP government on Muslims, Kashmir and Pakistan. Moreover, according to him, there was no guarantee that Modi will not change this policy either before or after the elections. After all, Modi paid a surprise visit to Lahore. in December 2015 to meet former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

In addition to India, he said, Pakistan and Bangladesh had developed exceptionally close relations during his tenure, and he remained in close personal relationship with his colleague Morshed Khan Hye also made sure develop close relationships with Prime Minister Khalid Zia and then Leader of the Opposition and current Prime Minister Hasina Wajed. Similarly, close ties were developed with Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Mr. Kasuri went on describe success of V government at that time in establishing close relationships with US and China at the same time. Broad-Based Strategic Partnership Agreement with The United States was formalized, which was intended to promote cooperation in various fields, including economic development, science and technology education, energy, agriculture and regular strategic dialogue.

Pakistan had the largest Fulbright foundation. program for sending students to the USA. In addition, he added the US agreed not only to sell new F-16s denied to Pakistan for long, but also agreed to upgrade Pakistan’s navy of F-16.

former The foreign secretary mentioned that at the time when the US refused to cooperate with Pakistan on civil nuclear power, because of what he called “the A.K. Hana, China agreed sign Agreement with Pakistan used to joining NSG in to continue cooperation in field of Civil atomic energy. As a result a lot of nuclear power the plants were set up in Pakistan.

In matters of defense, cooperation between the two countries was complex and provided for joint production of advanced weapons systems, including modern and advanced aircraft JF-17, Al-Khalid main battle tanks and frigates F-22P for Navy.

Pakistan paid special attention to his relationship with Muslim states were established and exceptionally close relations with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE and Iran. Despite the difficulties, there have been many high-level visits to and from Afghanistan. trade increased from $23 million to over US$1.2 billion.

Kasuri said Pakistan has developed a very close relationship with Great Britain, France and Germany and despite fact that Pakistan was a close ally of United States, it strongly opposed the proposal by the United States attack on Iraq and worked closely in this connection with foreign ministers of Germany, France and Russia and how result The US failed to get support of the UN and therefore decided attack Iraq anyway with V support of Coalition of wishing’ with disastrous consequences for both in Iraq and in the US.

Mr. Kasuri emphasized on V need fix some of weaknesses of Pakistan, especially ensure what was the sequel of politicians ensure economic development. There was also A need for basic agreement between key stakeholders so that this policy can continue despite changes in government.

It couldn’t take place with such internal disunity. In a similar way, scores of During the visits, memorandums of understanding were signed of presidents, prime ministers and ministers of foreign affairs, but were practically not implemented mainly due to territorial wars between various departments and government agencies. At the end he emphasized for active foreign policy and stressed that during his tenure hardly a week went by without the President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister or an important international person who visited Islamabad.


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