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Kashmiri cells will be established in lawyers’ advice in for Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Speakers in seminar on Monday called for Pakistan’s legal fraternity advocate Kashmir cause and install kashmiri cells in all district and high courts.

Seminar titled “Black Day August 15: Exposing India’s Pretense”. of democratic values in The IIOJK’ was organized jointly with the Islamabad High Court Bar Association (IHCBA). and legal forum for Kashmir (LFK) – August 15, India’s Independence Day, is celebrated as Black Day.

Speaking on On this occasion, IHCBA President Shoaib Shaheen Advocaat said that India failed uphold democratic values ​​and international human rights obligations. He also said that India is adamant about using violence as a tool to coerce unarmed Kashmiris, thereby committing serious human rights violations.

IIUI Associate Professor Prof. Abdur Rauf Hattana eloquently outlined on disputed status of IIOJK and also in tactics hired by India for the illegal occupation of the territory. In his speech, he exposed the democratic farce. face of India, which

used to whitewash denial of The rights of Kashmiris and their violation of Human rights in occupied territory. He further explained the legal measures under international law that could be applied to ensure that the criminals of war crimes in IOJK were held accountable.

He recommended documentation of all such war crimes and also looking for for brochures like Universal jurisdiction build pressure on Indian government.

Muhammad Ali Baig, a research fellow at the Center for Indian Studies, said that Kashmiris and Pakistanis are related by blood. with each other. He added that denial of basic rights of Kashmiris were in violation of numerous UN Security Council resolutions.

He argued that misleading tools and tactics like connection and hollow position of internal autonomy in relation to the former state of Jammu Kashmir provided and helped the Indian occupation of IIOJK.

He further emphasized that Pakistan needed up ante and run offensive diplomatic program against India to expose its false democratic façade.

Senior Lawyer Muhammad Ashraf Qureshi Points Out Shortcomings in constitutional set-up of Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJ&K), explaining on absence of clarity in Pakistan’s position on the constitution of AZhK.

He called on all Kashmiris to unite and work collectively in synergy against occupier India.

LFK Advocate Executive Director Nasir Kadri said the Indian Independence Act of July 1947 made no mention of Jammu and Kashmir, more precisely, it was illegally occupied by the occupying forces of India without any reverence for the aspirations of Kashmiris.

He also emphasized the importance of legal fraternity role in law for Kashmir, and proposed the establishment of cashmere cells in all district/high courts throughout Pakistan, especially in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar.

Vice President of the District Bar Association, Attorney Malik Kamar Abbass praised LFK and IHCBA for co-sponsoring a seminar to expose India’s false democratic values.

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