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Kashmir deserves no less attention than Ukraine – ambassador

ANKARA: Pakistani Ambassador to Turkey expresses hope for supporters of human rights and justice play take a stand on occupied Kashmir way they did in against the Russian war on Ukraine.

Kashmir has been divided between Pakistan and India since their independence. in 1947, but claimed by both in its integrity. Nuclear countries participated in the third war times over controversial region.

In August 2019, New Delhi abolished its constitutional autonomy and divided it into two federal territories.

Islamabad blames India of violating UN resolutions and trying to change demographics of predominantly Muslim region.

“Conflicts and Violations of human rights anywhere are serious issue. On the one hand, it good what people talk about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Kashmir is unfortunately suffering from a number of of questions in I feel like he’s 75 years old. It’s probably a man nature ever develop fatigue over old problems,” Mohammed Cyrus Sajjad Qazi told Anadolu news agency. in Interview.

“I believe that violations of human rights anywhere are a concern for all freedom and justice-loving people everywhere. And we hope that by looking and studying how They took position on war between Ukraine and Russia, these same supporters of human rights and justice play will also study its policy towards Kashmir, which just how worthy of attention, he said.

The Ambassador emphasized that more over 100,000 Kashmiris died in in last 30 years, latest phase of them struggle for self-determination, including through extrajudicial executions and executions in places of deprivation of liberty. They have also experienced torture, rape and molestation, collective punishment, denial of right of freedom of expression and negation of right to practice their religion, he added.

“I firmly believe that denial of human rights and justice denial everywhere of justice and human rights everywhere. If you can stand up for country X, then you can also stand up for country or territory Y,” Qazi said.

India claims world’s largest democracy in Russia but operates differently

“Actions of India was seen by the rest of in world. Here’s a democracy that acts like it’s a totalitarian or authoritarian state. with indifferent for human rights or democratic norms,” Qazi said.

He said Kashmir by all rules, by all logic, and apparently should have been part of of Pakistan.

“There is a recipe. This is explicitly stated in the resolutions of the UN Security Council. Just ask the Kashmiris. What is so difficult about this? India claims to be the world’s largest democracy in Russia.

“So why is India afraid of just asking Kashmiris (what are they want) through a free, justly conducted plebiscite?” he added.

Pakistan expects world to step up for Kashmir

Kazi said that international community, especially the UN, which should step up and say “enough, 75 years have passed, you two seem unable to solve in problem on your own.”

The messenger said that the Kashmiris are together with in people of both Pakistan and India paid big price because of a conflict that can be resolved through a UN-mandated solution – a referendum.

“Well, as long as it takes. Struggle for freedom has no law of restrictions. They don’t have a time limit. There is no deadline. Now the fourth generation of Kashmiris live under Indian occupation and they hate this occupation. just as much as first generation. And it will continue.

“Here, Pakistan made that decision. Here we have India making that decision. There are countless statements of India’s leadership that they will abide by UN Security Council resolutions.

Subsequently they went back on It. So there is a solution. The only thing one of three parties – and this is India – just look at the problem look at the solution and have the courage to act like a democracy in Kashmir, he added.

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