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Karnataka University Second Result 2022: Kejriwal Twins from Bengaluru score Excellence

Two different study rooms, different themes, different goals, yet they are related to common academic result- Excellence. Maanav and Mayank Kejriwal in Bengaluru are ‘non-identical’ twins who soak now in Excitement after all who passed out with flying colors in Karnataka II PUC Exam. While Manaf topped from Jain Po State College in trade with 99.3 percent (596/600), Mayank from Comarance College Poe scored 97.6 percent (586/600) in Sciences.

Maanaf explains that although the duo was separated by their academic streams, both showed interest in They interrogate each other and investigate out each other’s case of preparations. “Prepare time for The exam was funny experience. We used to test each other and checklist if everything was ok. Regardless, we were in Equipping our study rooms for the exam. I have a penchant for reading out Maanf said, who Get ready now up for B.Com (Hons) which is also plan for Financial risk management course.

However, Madhuri Kejriwal, their mothertells Indianexpress.com that Maanaf is a boy more Grand in His study of his twin. The latter did not pay much attention to his studies during class 10 and spent most of the time of its time playing sports. “I spent a lot of time in sports Deputy captain of volleyball and cricket team At school. However, when you took up science in Mine father, got serious. Academic work He spared me no time for My sports activities. I mostly count on Notes made by teachers I used to attend CET coaching The chapters that helped me score Mayank said, who He wants to pursue electronics engineering.

In the meantime, Manaf loves to share in Discussions, events, activities of the college and its method of The preparation was very methodical. “I used to make my own notes and craft a brief summary for every chapter. I will review it and access out For teachers if I have doubts on Structuring my answers. I didn’t memorize any lessons, I just gave my answers in In a short and clear way. To some extent, I also Referred to in the previous year topper’s answer paper to understand how Maanaf said.

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Requested who The nerd was between the two, Mayank says”It’s offensive.” But Manaf quickly refutes. “I do not agree with which – which. I think we both got the exams on Our heads are ready for Maanaf said.


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