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Karnataka Minister KS Eshwarappa to quit amid controversy over contractor suicide

New Delhi:

Karnataka minister KS Eshwarappa, caught in Huge controversy after the allegations of corruption and a role in suicide of A contractor said he would step down from him post Tomorrow evening. “Tomorrow I will surrender over letter of resignation to Chief Minister. I thank you all for He told reporters, “I decided to resign because I didn’t want To put in This uncomfortable situation who He helped me rise For this position, like the elderly in The party Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai and our national leaders” added.

Mr. Aishwarapa’s announcement came hours distance Chief Minister Basavaraj Bhumai confirmed his continuation as a part of of Council of Ministers. The decisionhe told NDTV in Exclusive interview, will depend on The result of Initial investigation. It was Mr. Eshwarappa also Don’t like it step downAnd he frankly stated to reporters, “If they ask for My resignation, I won give one”.

But the sources said that the BJP’s senior leadership has given clear Cut directions to the state that Mr. Ishwarapa must step down To save the party image, anti-corruption. Contractor Santhush Patel, who made Corruption allegations against for him in for him last WhatsApp messages of friends and political leaders, tagged to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well.

The controversy gave the state’s opposition Congress strong power against The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is ahead of Assembly elections due by May 2023. The Congress not only demanded the resignation of Mr. Aishwaraba, but demanded also for him arrest over Corruption issue.

The party she has also He said all these allegations of corruption need comprehensive investigation.

It is not yet known whether legal action will be taken against Mr. Ishwaraba in view of corruption allegations. he has already was named in Police case filed over suicide of Santosh Patel.

the undertaker, who Die on Tuesday, Mr. Aishwarapa charged, who It takes over the Rural Development Department and the Panchayat Raj Portfolio, and has been named minister in for him last Phone messages saying it was just responsible” for for him death.

He claimed that Mr. Bomay demanded a 40 per cent cut money” for clear A bill of Rs 4 crore for work he did for Rural Development Department.

Santosh Patel has reportedly received verbal instructions by minister for 4 crore rupees project in Rural areas of the state. But even after 18 months, he hasn’t received any payments for Function complete which he had to borrow money He even sells his wife’s jewelry.

the states powerful Contractor lobbies have acknowledged the existence of an existing culture of commission, which exceeds 40 percent.
Mr. Eshwarappa emphasized that no work The order was issued, and so, “There was no question of Cuts money”.” (Santhush) Patel wanted Payment without criteria – how Payment can be released without work Yes? “

he is also He confirmed that he did not do it personally know The contractor – a lawsuit that raised questions after him photos with contractor back on social media.

One of Closest member of BJP in Karnataka – party’s only stronghold in South – Mr. Ishwarapa can have kuruba votes for The next election, which has always been the polling bank of Conference. as a member of kuruba communityhe is also The only leader who You can oppose the appeal of Sidaramaya from Congress, who also He belongs to the backward classes.


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