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Kari Lake signals she could lose the contest in Arizona Governor’s Race

Problems with printers at polling stations, affecting nearly 30 percent of 223 polling stations in Maricopa, according to the county – caused summarizing machines reject thousands of ballots, which created long lines as voters and workers fought with in machines. Officials say less than 7 percent of all ballots were affected. But at Maricopa system was designed with fail- safes.

What do we consider before using anonymous sources. Make the source know in information? What is their motivation for speaking us? Have they been reliable? in in past? Can we confirm information? Even with Having satisfied these questions, The Times uses anonymous sources as last resort. Reporter and at least one editor know personality of source.

Voters could give their ballots in a secure box which will then be shipped to Maricopa’s central tabulation center under bipartisan supervision. with in votes to count later. They could also move to other precincts since Maricopa allows residents in vote in any of this is locations.

Many voters listening to the Republican leaders of some states who issued unreasonable warnings not to trust secure ballot boxes, or waited successfully scan them ballots in tabs or left for another vote locations. In a separate video Miss Lake posted on Twitter on Thursday morning the man said he was given option put it down vote in safe box but what is he not want k. He said that instead voted through system designed for disabled voters who worked.

In the initial failed action to extend the ballot hours because of glitches, GOP lawyers argued that in several times because of Poor instructions or mistakes by poll workers who tried to vote in the other place found They can not. But the judge dismissed those claims, saying he saw no evidence that voters were disenfranchised.

this is unclear next steps Miss Lake or other Republican candidates in Arizona can take.

In interviews, election lawyers said that Maricopa problems on Election day made place unexpected burden on voters of variety, which can presumably become the basis of claim. But they added it’s based on what is known now, no judicial action would come close to blocking the certification of Miss Hobbs win.

Sarah Brannon, Managing Associate for The Voting Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union said that if the lawsuit successfully brought – until, according to her, her group I didn’t see “reliable evidence” for one – any remedies ordered by the court will be focused on ensuring that such problems not occur a second time. She said judges “extremely rarely” rule new elections that will require huge sums of proof. As a rule, such step would only take in cases of malfeasance or fraud, not just long lines.

Ms Brannon said Maricopa officials demonstrated good Vera in mitigation of problemsquickly dispatch technology experts and maintenance public informed of other methods vote.

Assistant to Miss Hobbs, speaking on condition of anonymously to discuss the legal threat from Ms. Lake, which has yet to materialize, said that under Arizona law, Republicans would have to show what problems influenced the result of in race in order successfully challenge elections results.

Maggie Haberman as well as Ken Bensinger made a report.

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