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Karen Bass becomes the first woman to be elected mayor of Los Angeles

“It general statements, okay? But women are more joint. Women are not so transactional. And I think women focus on different questions,” she said. “I think women usually lead otherwise.”

For many of campaign mayor Ms. Bass was front-runner, with polls show that she best well-known candidate to date in crowded main field. But this changed with late entry of Mr. Caruso, 63, is a wealthy businessman from Brentwood. who It was developed a little of Southern California best-famous shopping centers and serviced on powerful councils controlling the Los Angeles Police Department and the university of Southern California.

Two candidates ran to replace Eric Garcetti, who ineligible to run for a second term because of in the citytwoterm limit. race was first competition of mayors with cityx decision hold local elections at the same time as state elections general elections, and first to follow state law that grants every registrant active voter with mail-in vote. Two changes increased interest in municipal elections and Mr. Caruso’s expenses set records in in the city not only for campaign advertising but also for phone banks, precinct walkers, and other voter turnout efforts.

in final week, polls showed that officially non-partisan race narrows down significantly. However, Ms. Bass wooed numerous senior Democratic Party political supporters, including one from former President Barack Obama. She is also criticized Mr. Caruso for the positions he claimed were only tangentially related to limited powers of mayor in in city – its belated switch to the Democratic Party for copy, and past contributions to conservative candidates who opposed abortion.

In a statement on Wednesday, Mr. Caruso wished Miss Bass Good luck and congratulations. “There will be more come from a movement that we builthe said, but for now how city we need unite around elected mayor Bass and give her support she needs to solve many problems that we face”.

Miss Bass said she’d try to make things right when she came in. office in December. City Council comes into its own series of scandals, including leak of audio recording in which the group of Hispanic members have been caught making disparaging and racist remarks. of that were directed at African Americans.

Also on on the cooking horizon for The 2028 Olympic Games to be held in Los Angeles and the opportunity of painful economic downturn in a city with limited options for increase in income.

She will have powerful hooligan pulpit in her new late also significant restrictions; Los Angeles government was designed resist concentration of authority. County officials oversee many of in social service programs necessary to solve the problem of homelessness, for example, and any regional initiatives will require broader buy-in of scores of surrounding cities and other levels of government.

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