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Karachi remoteControlled bomber received instructions from Iran: CTD

KARACHI: The man is suspected of organization of the explosion in Saddar district of Karachi was trained in Iran and received instructions and money from head of banned Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA), Asghar Shah, who lived in neighboring country, the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) said.

Roadside bombing on On Thursday, a van carrying security forces was shot at, killing passerby and wound 13 people.

According to Sajjad Khan, the local radio station house officer (ShO), attack took place in Saddar region. Action group subsequently assumed responsibility for in attack, saying it targeted the Coast Guard vehicle.

prime accused Allah Dino and his accomplice Nawab Ali were killed in meeting with intelligence and CTD personnel in Karachi in tiny hours of Wednesday.

The two departments conducted a joint operation in The village of Maripur, during which the terrorists, who were introduced in town, open fire. Security men returned fire who killed two.

Speech at a joint press conference with Karachi administrator Murtaza Wahab, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Syed Khurram Ali said Dino was an expert of manufacture of improvised explosive devices and was involved in terrorist activities at various levels, including attacks on railway tracks.

“He went to Iran and received training there,” he said.

Best Cop also general evidence of Dino involvement in explosion. Several CCTV footage of Dino carrying a used motorcycle. in in attack was divided with Press.

He could also be seen sitting in the hotel and later apparently pushing remote-the control device in his pocket to cause explosion, which in in death of woman and wounded many others.

DIG Ali, detailing the entire incident, said that Dino was killed. in Raid Wednesday and lived in Gisri area of Karachi along with Ali.

“We have clear evidence pointing to his involvement in explosion,” he said. added what he was also previously arrested and prosecuted against his for his role in militant attacks.

He said Dino was trained in Iran as an improvised explosive device (SVU) expert and was involved in multiple attacks on railways. His financial invoices showed that he had recently received the amount of 200,000 rupees from abroad.

“He stayed in touch with its curators are abroad,” he said.

Then in press, the audio clip was also played in which Shah, the SRA boss, was heard talking to Dino and informing him that his identity could be revealed after several videos were played. on TV showed it face.

Shah could also be heard by rebuking him for No wearing face mask during attack and then said his possible arrest and confiscation of explosive material law enforcement may lead to disaster for militant group.

Later, speaking during a press conference, Wahab appealed to the courts to refrain from providing immediate assistance to suspects. in terrorism cases and general how dino, who previously released from prison later brought out multiple attacks in Karachi.

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