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Kapil Sibal resigns from Congress and submits nomination for Rajya Sabha with SP . support

After two months of explicitly requesting Gandhis step Apart from the leading roles, senior Congress Party Leader Kapil Sibal announced his resignation from party He submitted his nomination for The Rajya Sabha as an independent candidate supported by the Samajwadi Party (SP).

Resignation of Sibal one of the sharpest critics of Gandhi in The last 2 years, May also Shell G23 Ginger group of senior leaders who Send a message to party President Sonia Gandhi in August 2020 seek sweeper changes in The party structure.

On Wednesday, Sibal met Akhilesh in Lucknow and was accompanied by the SP Chairman while presenting his nomination papers at the Uttar Pradesh Assembly, where announced His resignation from Congress. I resigned from Congress on May 16 and I’m no longer senior Congress Party leader.

Minutes later, he talks to Indian ExpressSibal refused comment on the reasons for He resigned, saying: “I chose to sever my ties with Conference for The reasons why I do not wish to talk about it now. Now I’m not in Conference partyI’m not wish To say anything malicious, anything inconsistent with the culture of politics that we must embrace. Inside Congress, I can say what I am wanted to say. Now I’m not in Congress, I do not wish to criticize anyone in Conference.”

to explain

third exit in Two weeks

while he says he plans to unite the opposition against BJP government “People who pursue politics and who divide the overall culture.” of India,” however, Sibal insisted he did not joined Syrian Pound. Of course not (you didn’t joined SP). How do I submit a nomination as a freelancer (then)? If you remember, I did made a public A statement that I will never join any other politician party… As a freelance member, I wish to be a freelancer voice in Country.”

In the months and years since Group 23’s letter to Sonia Gandhi, Sibal has emerged as a core member of The groupsomeone who crowd a lot of Dissident leaders include Ghulam Nabi Azad, Anand Sharma, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Shashi Tharoor and Manish Tiwari.

As the most frank of Some leaders of the 23 . group in It is said that the leadership sighs of Convenience to spare him from repeated Latakia attacks.

While his exit led to talk of a possible end to the 23 . group up Much weaker pressure group And opinion eventually breaks down in The group remains divided.

“If Azad and Sharma don’t get the Rajya Sabha seats, there will be some problems. In that case, they might also take call about them future in The party in the coming months. But I don’t know fate of The group. I think that over. It’s time to write a political obituary of The group. G23 is in Chaos. Some of Members seem to be inclined to work Within Congress, some seem inclined to find their own solution,” said one of the leaders of the Group of 23.

Among the rebel leaders, Hooda was appeased by the leadership – his close friend, Udi Bhan, was appointed chief of Haryana conference even in the role of Hoda remains CLP leader, giving him control of The party in the state.

Sharma and Azad, who they were on Tuesday made Individuals of Toothless largely ‘political affairs” groupoptimists of Marassi of Rajya Sabha. Then there’s Tharoor and Tiwari – both of whom are deputies of the Lok Sabha who You can not leave party.

Sibal is the third leader of Group 23 to leave party – Jeten Prasada joined BJP in June 2021 and Yogan Shastri joined Late NCP last year.

“I didn’t have sibal option left. He took an extreme stand by saying that Gandhi should step aside. Since then, Azad, Sharma and Thror have been quartered in one commission or others. Maybe he thought everyone would find files future inside or outside Congress, it should also Schedule out his own path. it was timing also Another leader said.

Tharoor, in In an interview with The Indian Express after Chintan Shivir, he said that Shivir was the beginning of An important process and it is preferable to wait and see how unfold over The next few months. The others remained silent until now.

Another leader said that Sibal’s exit is part of well-planned strategyand that is left Conference with approval of Other G23 leaders. “Sibal’s departure is not surprising. In factit’s part of well-thought-out and calibration strategy in In order to create a larger and more viable option for 2024. Genesis of who – which strategy Lying in Dinner organized by Sibal during the budget session of 2021. Broader scope of Opposition leaders met on His personal invitation, which represents the invitation power of That Sibal be able to create his own alternative.” senior G23 leader on condition of He said not to be identified.

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Earlier, talk to media in Lucknow, Sibal said, “While being in The opposition, we want to create an alliance. we want who – which in The year 2024, an atmosphere is created where the flaws with Modi government Up to people. we will try for which – which.”

Chairs eleven seats of the UP for Rajya Sabha elections on June 10, with The fight Being between the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and the Samajwadi Party. Sibal’s RS term was to end on July 4th.

Sibal Association with SP is not new. The party He had endorsed his candidacy for the membership of the Rajya Sabha in 2016 also. Sibal Akhilesh represented in the Elections Committee during the dispute between him and Millim over The party Code in 2017. Can Sibal also Lawyer Lalu in feed case.

was sibal also an actress senior Socialist Party leader Azam Khan during bail hearings in Supreme court.


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