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Jules: A Hilarious and Heartwarming Sci-Fi Dramedy Starring Ben Kingsley | Release Date, Cast, and Plot Revealed

Jules: A Science Fiction Dramedy That Will Win Your Heart

In a summer dominated by record-breaking movies like those starring Barbie and Oppenheimer, there may be little room for anything else than another picture with an extraordinarily high budget. With its familiar plot of a crashed UFO, an eccentric apple-loving alien (fondly named Jules), and Oscar-winner Sir Ben Kingsley as the unexpected hero who adopts him, the science fiction dramedy Jules might be the thing to bring spectators comfortably and cheerfully back to earth. Kingsley can imbue serious films like Gandhi, Schindler’s List, and Shutter Island with immediate solemnity. But in Jules, a Kingsley with a full head of hair shows off his shape-shifting powers and impeccable comedic timing in a hilarious and endearing role. He portrays Milton, a widower in a small town who is ready to retire and start a new life independently.

Milton, who is now elderly and finds himself socially isolated and irrelevant, is a nuisance at town council meetings, where he offers unwelcome suggestions on improving his community. This is because he feels these things. A new version of the town motto? A new pedestrian crossing? When a spaceship crashes into Milton’s backyard, and a young alien emerges from it, asking for his assistance, Milton is just that annoying old man everyone tends to ignore. Soon, Milton will have other, more important things to do than constantly interrupt council sessions with his ideas. Before the government can get involved, he needs to save the life of the injured spaceman (apples cut into slices will do the trick), fix the spaceship (there may be cats involved), and get them back to their home planet. Thank goodness Milton does not exist in isolation. After two of his former neighbors stumble into his secret, Milton is recruited to join an unlikely team of individuals on a mission to return an extraterrestrial to its home planet. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Jules, a movie that has flown under the radar yet has the potential to win over your affections when it arrives in theaters later this month.

Jules Cast

  • Ben Kingsley as Milton Robinson

  • Harriet Sansom Harris as Sandy

  • Zoe Winters as Denise

  • Jane Curtin as Joyce

  • Jade Quon as Jules

  • Anna George as Dr. North

  • Donald Paul as Agent Mann

  • Blair Baker as Councilwoman Diane Strauss

  • Eric T. Miller as Tim

  • Teddy Cañez as Mayor Martinez

  • Marina Shay as Hippie Woman

  • Cody Kostro as Danny

  • Patrick Noonan as Cop #1

  • Jeff Kim as Agent Shu

  • Lee R. Sellars as Chief

  • Laura Jordan as Eden

  • David Carl as Man Riding Shotgun

  • Christopher Kelly as Councilman Bouchard

What is the Release Date Of Jules?

The world debut of Jules took place at the 2023 Sonoma International Film Festival when it was awarded the Stolman Audience Award for Best Feature and went on to win the festival. On August 11th, 2023, audiences who enjoy touching comedies with a dramatic twist and anything having to do with UFOs will have the opportunity to watch Jules.

J ules_

Who is the Director of Jules?

Marc Jay Turtletaub is a well-known film producer in the United States of America. He was formerly the president and CEO of The Money Store. The film Jules, which starred Ben Kingsley and Jane Curtin, was directed by him and produced it. Production of the movie began in Boonton, New Jersey, on September 10th, 2021. The story revolves around a peculiar traveler who stops at a sleepy village in western Pennsylvania. In March of 2023, the film was shown for the first time anywhere in the globe at the Sonoma International Film Festival. It was the opening night picture, and the audience chose it as their favorite feature film for the Stolman Award. The film is scheduled to be released in theaters by Bleecker Street on August 11th, 2023.

JULES | Official Trailer | Bleecker Street

What is the Plot of Jules?

J ules_

Milton, a man leading a straightforward existence in a sleepy little village, is the protagonist of the film Jules. One day, a UFO crashes into his lawn, and he rescues an extraterrestrial being inside of it. He calls the being Jules. As a result of Milton and Jules’ budding friendship, the situation becomes more problematic when their neighbors learn about it and the government gets involved. Despite the difficulties, Milton, Jules, and their neighbors can discover meaning and connection due to an unforeseen encounter later in life.

The following is how the official synopsis reads:

A man’s quiet life gets upended when a UFO crashes in his backyard in rural Pennsylvania. As he befriends the mysterious extraterrestrial, things get complicated when two neighbors discover it, and the government quickly closes in.

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