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JUI-F requires closure of tie channels to end water shortages in Sindh – Newspaper

LARKANA: Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Sindh general secretary Rashid Mehmood Soumro demanded immediate closure of “illegal” link channels in Punjab, which, according to him, caused acute shortage of irrigation water in Sind.

Maulana said in press release published here on On Monday that Punjab was stealing Sindh’s water through connecting canals, and warned that Sindh would not more tolerate this blatant excess.

He called the disadvantage in Sind “artificial” and said it caused drought like conditions in provinces. Permanent deficit of the water was serious hit all permanent crops, he said.

In addition, an unfair distribution of available water at Sukkur Dam and deployment of Rangers along the Nara Canal, etc. key irrigation arteries spoke volumes for failure to of Sindh government, he said.

He accused the rulers of water theft share of small farmers irrigate their farmlands and only keep their crops. Sindh government was helpless before the Indus River System Authority (Irsa), he said and asked when Irsa declined to ensure security of just share in water to Sindh, then who will force the organization to do what is necessary and obey the established laws.

He said there was no water for cultures neither for drink and asked the rulers ensure fair share in water for manufacturers. If the leader of Sindh minister was too weak to get actual share of water, then he should quit, he said. If the situation did not improve it party spread the protest in Sind, he said.

Meanwhile Sindh Chamber of Agriculture, head of Larkana, also expressed concern over water shortage said that if the situation remains unchanged, there will be serious consequences on crop production and agriculture in provinces.

In a statement posted here on On Monday, House President Sirajul Auliya Rashdi said the severe shortage of of water had a negative effect on rice and sowing wheat in provinces, and the situation became very alarming.

He said prices of farm contribution already increased sharply, while manufacturers were facing huge problems with regarding accessibility of water.

He called Sindh government put in place proper and effective water distribution arrangements in a just way, otherwise shortage prove destructive for harvest.

Published in Dawn, May 10, 2022

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