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Judge sets up legitimate fight issues a permanent ban on Abortion ban in Michigan

State Court of The lawsuit judge ruled on Wednesday that a 1931 Michigan law banning abortion is unconstitutional and issued a permanent injunction that stops enforcement. of law for observable future.

Court of Claims against the rulings of Judge Elisabeth Gleicher up legal showdown over whether its ban of enforcement of Michigan law 91-year- old abortion ban extends to the county prosecutors.

Gleicher’s order final resolution in Planned Parenthood of Michigan case against Attorney General Dana Nessel, includes instructions for Nessel will advise Michigan County prosecutors that the law was declared unconstitutional.

After the decision of the US Supreme Court on June 24, which overturned half-century of right to abortion on in national level, Michigan’s long dormant ban on abortion in all cases except life saving of in mother was in the spotlight of intensive trial battles this summer.

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