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JP Nadda focus on Christians in Kerala speech, BJP exploits ‘concerns’

while processing a public Meeting in Kozhikode on Friday, BJP national president GB Nada raised the issue of Discomfort among Christians over population changes in Kerala and narcotic jihad ‘.

Nada’s reference to “Christian interests” It’s another try party to get support of The powerful minority community in Kerala state. BJP, who has so far failed To get a Christian from the area party In the fold of the NDA, he was courting Christians in Country playing in fears of Islamic fundamentalism. Christians, along with Muslims, a pioneering form chunk of Voter base of Congress led by UDF.

To increase the benefit on The rift between the two communities widened, the ruling party CPI (M) party peer accused government of Sponsoring Islamic Terrorism. It was also Attempt ensure This sentence party no cash in on Incremental disengagement of Christian community with Conference.

The “demographic change” that Nada referred to is among the issues raised by many churches across the Christian spectrum, and it is linked to the church’s claims of The love of jihad.

As per Kerala government Vital Statistics Report 2019, Crude Births of Kerala rate declined marginal to 13.79 in 2019 from 14.10 in 2018.

The issue of It was ‘drug jihad’ first Raised by Catholic Bishop Joseph Calarangat in September last year. He said that young men And women of Christian community And other non-Muslim religions are being lured and targeted through “love jihad” and “drug jihad.” in the state. Unlike the Congress and the CPC (AD), the BJP supported the bishop.

last week , Bharatiya Janata also extended support to senior PC George . politician When it was booked over a hate speech against Muslims. In the past months, and party she has also He was talking about “love jihad” in church premises to reach out for Christian voters.

Recently, the BJP floated the assembly of Christian Trust Services (ACTS) – A grievance redress forum for bringing Christian concerns to the center government – Which has BJP Kerala inAppointment of CP Radhakrishnan as its Chairman.

According to BJP sources, in a recent meeting, the bishops and senior clergy of various Churches raised many issues that are wanted the Union government to consider it. “that they wanted Christians to get a share of All rights of minorities in Fit the size of The population. churches also concerned About restrictions on FCRA accounts because many church entities have lost their FCRA registration since the BJP came power in the center. bishops also wanted Attitude in favor of farmers with Regarding the end of wildlife menace The sources said that this is detrimental to their crops.


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