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Johnson will bet big’ on nuclear power despite Sunak’s reservations | Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson wants his promised energy security strategy betting big” on nuclear, despite Rishi Sunak’s reservations – but it has cooled off on more onshore wind turbines in England against the background of the negative reaction of the Conservatives.

prime minister determined to move forward with plans to build up up to eight new nuclear power stations, even though the chancellor is concerned about the cost more over £13 billion.

It is clear that the energy strategy is expected to be announced next the week is likely to contain goals for nuclear but I won’t put a number on in cost.

Johnson will also commit to the “stretch” target on offshore wind, according to a Whitehall source. But now they say he’s less enthusiastic about the possibilities of coastal wind in England, believing that Scotland offers the best landscape for new turbines.

One ally of in prime minister said he was “not really [be] pushing for coastal wind in England”, although it would be “it would in in strategy how option where people want this is what it really means in Scotland”.

It is assumed that Johnson and Sunak discussed new strategy this week, who was instructed ensure security of supplies against the backdrop of rising gas prices caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The document was delayed due to a number of over scale of his ambition on nuclear, but will now probably be published at the end of next week.

Sunak will in London for launch of in strategy. However, he is reported to be on holiday in California where he has second home at some point over parliamentary recess, despite rising pressure over absence of measures to help with in cost of bills for accommodation and electricity in spring announcement.

The Treasury is believed to be concerned about nuclear expansion power in Great Britain, with in cost of new plants for loading on to people’s energy bills under fresh funding system. government would also may receive a minority stake in new projects and has set in addition to around £1.7bn on receiving one Sizewell C Plant, in position to move forward.

But with new focus on excommunication from the UK off gas, Johnson insists on in need move forward with new plants, with provisional goal of about 16 GW of nuclear power in middle term and closer to 30GW in the longer term. According to the government’s own impact assessment, it is required on 13 to 17 years on average from initial investment to power generation new NUCLEAR PLANT.

On the shore wind, allies of No. 10 described Johnson as “open-minded” but “passionate about offshore.” He seems to be cold on perspective of more onshore wind, as well as the potential for hydraulic fracturing in England because Conservative MPs resist development in their constituencies.

Idea of community discounts on their electricity bills if they accept ground developments in their areas have been discussed, which means the prospect of new development is “not impossible” but still difficult, the sources said.

However, Johnson gave out mixed messages on coastal wind after message group of industry leaders this week that he was ‘horrified’ how The planning process takes a long time. He was told that the windmill can be put up in per day, but planning permission can take a decade.

Officials expect No. 10 to approve energy bill set goals and strategy for energy security, be announced in queen’s speech in May.

Britain has tried its best build new nuclear power stations in last decades, with Japanese conglomerate Hitachi in 2020 is pulling out of plans to build but new reactor in Wilf, north Wales, and move against permission for Chinese investment in Sizewell C on coast of Suffolk.

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