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Johnson is ‘absolutely sure’ next PM will offer more help on bill payment | Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson clashes with Tory leaders over energy costs, stating that he is “absolutely confident” that his successor will offer further help households as annual bills were forecast to top £4,200 by January.

Johnson made unexpected intervention on electricity bills at reception no. 10 like Liz Truss, the favorite to be next prime minister was accused by Rishi Sunak campaign of be divorced from reality” over her refusal commit to more handout materials.

Johnson repeatedly refused to act on before leaving, issue gas and electricity bills office on September 5th, but said he sure in next prime minister “want to do a few more announcements in September/October about what we will do next help people in in next period in December – January”.

He added: “I just want To you know that I am absolutely sure that we will have the financial firepower and reserve to continue to take care of people like we did everywhere.”

Deepening Row over how to help households came on the day on which annual electricity bills were forecast to top £4,200 from January, triggering warning that the British face “serious difficulties on mass scale” without government intervention.

In the same time, government sources acknowledged that officials had modeled the possibility of four-day power a lack of in in first quarter of next year potentially requiring rolling blackouts for industry and households.

Johnson’s comments add further pressure on Truss recognize that, since prime minister she will need to give households more help in addition to tax cuts.

Since the farm has doubled down on her plan for reversal national insurance rise and removal of £150 of green fees, Sunak campaign the spokeswoman said that her proposals “will not affect the parties for majority of British families this winter and pensioners will not receive help anything”.

This is reported by the consulting company Cornwall Insight. on tuesday that he was expecting energy price limit to £4,266 per annum year for in first three months of next year – more three times higher than the level that was on year earlier and more how double in current level.

Any deficit of energy over winter caused due to less gas and electricity from Norway and other of Europe may push up prices up Even more.

But Truss said over the weekend that she didn’t want to give “handouts” to people struggling with bills in favor of tax cuts. She repeatedly refused to promise further help on energy bills on Tuesday, confirmation only plans reverse the recent increase in national insurance, and temporarily suspend green fees on energy bills.

farm doubled down on its economic position on Branding Tuesday Night cash handouts help with in cost of life as “the economy of Gordon Brown”.

Speaking at conservative meetings in Darlington where questions prevailed on bills, foreign secretary stressed that she believes best route to help with in cost of life was cutting taxes, start with national insurance. “I didn’t agree with promotion national insurance. We promised not to in our manifesto and we need to help those people who are struggling with in cost of life.

“We need to be on in side of self-employed. We need to be on in side of people who work and do the right thing and we need turn on people keep more of them money. These are conservative principles.

“What am I not support accepts money off people in tax and then give it away back them in handout materials. For me, it’s the economics of Gordon Brown.”

sunak, in in turn warned that the British people “will not forgive us” if vulnerable households did not receive additional direct help this winter.

AT former the chancellor said plans will not help stripes of in population and said that whoever prime minister should No rule out direct support. Truss said she would focus on tax cuts rather than additional direct payments. help with energy bills.

“If you are a pensioner, if you on “national cost of living tax cut worth zero”, former the chancellor said. “Is not policy to help people survive the winter and I think it wrong to rule out help directly because we are like conservatives government have an obligation to help those who are the most vulnerable.

“If we don’t do this, not only people suffer but we will be absolutely shattered when it comes to next elections. British people won’t forgive us for don’t do it.”

critics of her policy warn that taxes are cut disproportionately help the best off and not offer any assistance to retirees or those who are not in work, while green fees only contribute around £150 a year to the average bill.

“What is vital at the moment is that we are getting economic growth going,” Truss told reporters. on visit to Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.

“Currently we have highest taxes in 70 years old. That’s why I believe in reduce taxes, get growth going to encourage businesses to invest, and that way there will be more money in people pockets”.

Asked if she was right out any other help for electricity bills, Truss replied: “I promise that from the day one, people will have lower taxes. They will also have lower electricity bills because I’m going to have a temporary moratorium on green energy tax. But what are we need growing economy”.

Meanwhile, Sunak confirmed in Interview with ITV, which he is likely to offer “several hundred” of pounds in discounts on electricity bills after rise confirmed.

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On Monday, the Liberal Democrats called for for “energy vacation scheme” in which the government financed complete cost of Any rise to energy price lid in October.

Although Labor said it would provide additional assistance to households funded by ending tax credits. for energy firms, one of in the party, supporters of the bench argued this should go much further.

In the article for the Guardian, Zara Sultana said that since Johnson took on board Labor idea for contingency tax on energy firms in May, her party “doesn’t offer enough” for people struggling with accounts. MP for Coventry South set up a campaign called stop looking more action on in cost of life.

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