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Johnson fires risk of EU retaliation over plans change Northern Ireland protocol

Boris Johnson fired risk of retribution from the European Union after his government announced plans unilaterally break up the central elements of Northern Ireland protocol. Foreign secretary Liz Truss told MPs she would introduce legislation within a few weeks that would replace the agreed measures. in treaty with a system it will eliminate role.

“The solution we propose would satisfy both our needs and the interests of the EU. original goals for in protocol. It would eliminate friction in East-West tradeprotecting a single EU market and the Belfast Good Friday Agreement,” she said. ” challenge is that this decision needs to be changed in in protocol yourself as your current the editorial structure hinders its implementation, but the EU mandate does not allow in protocol be changed”.

The bill will create new a green corridor allowing all goods that UK suppliers say are only for for Northern Ireland for entry from the UK without checks, with red channel for goods that will move to European single market. Products made in No more Northern Ireland required fulfill with EU standards if they comply with British.

protocolx rules on VAT and state aid will be abolished, and the European Court of Justice (ECJ) will no longer have any role in consideration of disputes.

“We are not want to prevent this, we want to fix this and we will work with our EU partners,” Johnson said, dismissing the threat of trade Brussels sanctions.

“I don’t think it’s likely, but what we should fix This problems with Northern Ireland politics a situation where you can’t get an executive up and I’m running right now. in past we have done all kinds of things to fix that. We need refer to problems with in protocol”.

Stephen Doughty of the Labor Party said that government risked trade wars at a time when the British economy was fragile.

“It’s a Cornish fisherman, Co Down farmers and Scotch whiskey makers. who will lose out holding back in economy Bye growth forecasts already being revised down,” he said.

DUP leader Geoffrey Donaldson described the foreign secretary statement as “a good startand said his party will take a “gradual and cautious approach” as legislation progresses. But SDLP leader Colum Eastwood said that most people in Northern Ireland wanted to see protocol work, rather than seek its removal.

“Foreign secretary confirmed that she was going to leave against the majority, whatever she says, the majority of citizens in Northern Ireland who support in protocol, tearing up en international an agreement called the withdrawal agreement,” he said. “This is a very simple question: how anyone can international partner or how can any citizen in in north of Ireland ever trusted this government again?

Ms Trouss said she would continue negotiations with the EU after the law was passed, adding that she had invited European Commission Vice President Maros Szefkovic to the talks. in London.

Serious Concerns

The EU said it had “serious concerns” about the UK’s intention to pass legislation to change protocol- said Mr. Shefkovich. in statement.

EU also warned of potential EU action in answer to Ms Truss’ question announcement previously on Tuesday.

“If the UK decides move forthcoming with abolishing bill of in protocol as announced today in the UK government the EU will need reply with all measures at its disposal,” the statement said.

It enhances perspective of EU legal action renewed against UK and eventually potential trade war between two sides with set tariffs on products.

“With political will and commitment, the practical issues that arise in connection with the implementation of in protocol in Northern Ireland can be resolved,” the statement said, adding that the Commission is “ready to continue playing part of it.”

EU proposals already set out to have a possibility resolve the questions raised about the protocol continued.

The EU has shown understanding for practical difficulties of implementation of the protocol demonstrating that solutions can be found within its framework”, the statement said, adding that “additional far-reaching and effective individual arrangements” have been concluded. forward to allow flow of goods across the Irish Sea.

“The European Commission is ready to continue discussions with United Kingdom government”.


Minister for Foreign Office Simon Coveney responded by stating that the actions of British government “Against my will of people and business in Northern Ireland”.

“I deeply regret decision of British government introduce legislation in the coming weeks, which will unilaterally cancel the items of in protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland,” said Mr Coveney. in statement.

“Such unilateral actions in respect of an internationally binding agreement damages credibility and will only serve to more difficult to find solutions to real problems that people in in Northern Ireland about how in protocol is being implemented.”

He said that the British move undermines political stability and confidence in Northern Ireland economy”.

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