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John Roberts calls the Supreme Court leak “absolutely terrible”

In his first public appearance from the moment leak on Monday, Roberts also said that if “man” or “people” behind in leak I think it will affect work of Supreme Court, they are “stupid”.
Roberts spoke at the meeting of lawyers and judges at the 11th Circuit Judicial Conference while the court on short break. justices let’s meet together again during their private conference in Washington on 12 May.

Roberts’ comments serve as a demonstration on both sides of in issue erupted across the country and supporters of abortion rights fear that states in large swaths of The South and Midwest are ready to ban the procedure when the court makes a decision. final decision by early July.

The draft opinion, written by Judge Samuel Alito and published by Politico on Monday evening, calls on the court overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

“There is no mention of abortion in the Constitution, and no such right is protected implicitly by any constitutional provision,” Alito wrote. He said the roe deer was “egregiously wrong from start”and that his reasoning was “exceptionally weak, and decision had devastating consequences.”

Behind the scenes of the secret Supreme CourtBehind the scenes of the secret Supreme Court

Roberts is not want completely cancel Rowe vs. Wade, which means he wouldn’t agree with the part of opinion, sources tell CNN, most likely with three liberals of the court.

The court confirmed the authenticity of draft opinion, but emphasized that it was not final and did not reflect final position of any member of court.

Despite the controversy, Roberts looked optimistic. on Thursday, speaking to a full house of judges and lawyers. judge Clarence Thomas, who will solve the same group Friday, Sat. in front row. AT one dot Judge Ed Carnes, who acted as moderator, referred how Roberts recently changed Format of oral arguments allow for fewer breaks. new Thomas likes the format so much that after a rarely asked question for yo, now he runs often first question of everyone session.

On Thursday, Roberts noted that he had been working on being an “honest” broker so that everyone has chance talk and he called on Thomas, in audience, for his views on Format. Grinning, Thomas just gave a thumbs up. up.

“It was a thumb upRoberts said with a laugh.

He also praised his colleague judge Steven Breyer, who will retire at the end of in term, calling him “the most collegiate member of the court”. “I will miss him very much,” Roberts said, but he also acknowledged that the long conjectures, which were Breuer’s trademark during oral arguments, times “absolutely confusing.”

Karnes asked Roberts about his views on several areas of work of court. Roberts said that good brief “should don’t have much of fluff in he suggested that “most” friends-of- court reports are useless. “They help when they have a purpose,” he said. He was also critical of law review articles — calling them too “theoretical” in times. During oral argument, Roberts said, a lawyer should not “fight question” but instead set myself in referee shoes.

He also talked about his early goal of search for unanimity on in bench. “I soon learned on a court that unanimously means 7-2,” he joked. But he said narrower opinions joined on more justices area “good goal” in times. And he admitted that not everyone disagrees need to see light of day. He said he saw good reason for “cemetery dissenters” who are buried.

He spoke a little about his time as chairman over impeachment and he said he did his homework reading the transcripts of other impeachment hearings. “You want to think that you are leading this process,” he said, “but you are not.” of “real importance of happening.”

Roberts received by judges and lawyers with applause, and arrived with security detail. Press of the 11th Circuit Judicial Conference policy rules so strict that reporters were not allowed to bring phones or laptops into the conference room. They were also even banned from recording for purpose of taking notes.

Roberts who also serves ex officio member of in board of Smithsonian, said he borrowed one picture to hang in his chambers depicting an island in Maine next to Roberts and his wife spend summer months.

Each term Roberts said, “I look longingly at this – starting about now.”

This story was updated with additional details.

Devan Cole of CNN contributed to this report.


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