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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen renting beach house to make self-isolation easier on children

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are renting a house by the beach to make self-isolation easier on their children.

The couple are quarantining themselves with their 2 children – Luna, 3, and Miles, 22 months – amidst the continuous coronavirus pandemic, and John has actually stated that instead of remain in their own home, they have actually decided to relocation to a house that neglects the beach, in an effort to aid “entertain” their kids.

When asked how he keeps his kids pleased whilst stuck inside, John stated: “Well, we rented a house on the beach because we figured it’d be easier to entertain them with the beach here. We’re just trying to find stuff to do all the time. You don’t realise how hard it is to figure it out until you’re thrown in this situation where you just got to be creative.”

The toddlers have actually been sent out “little activities” by their school to keep them busy, which the ‘All of Me’ hitmaker applauded as being a substantial aid.

John, 41, added: “Our school has been helpful.They’ve been sending us little activities to do and even the music teacher from the school sent little songs and things for them to do on their Instagram page. We’re just trying to find little activities that’ll keep them entertained.”

And whilst Luna and Miles “don’t know much about what’s going on” with the spread of the breathing health problem – which is likewise referred to as COVID-19 – John states he and Chrissy are doing what they can to remain favorable.

Throughout a look on the ‘Today’ show, he stated: “You’re just trying to entertain them and make them feel love and try not to go crazy.”

John’s remarks followed he just recently live-streamed a show on Instagram to aid raise the spirits of those restricted to their homes throughout the pandemic, which included cameos from his kids and his spouse.

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