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JNU Snaps Electricity, Internet To Stop Screening Of BBC Documentary On PM



New Delhi:

Jawaharlal Nehru University students plan to screen a banned documentary on BBC on Prime Minister Narendra Modi was knocked this evening for a six both of them power And the electricity is gone out in students Union office.

screening of It was the documentary set to begin It was 9 p.m. and the students had planned to move on with Although refused of Administration.

JNU management did not give permission for screening. She even said that disciplinary action would be taken if the documentary was shown.

But the students insisted the scan would not violate any of them rule of university, and will not disturb societal harmony.

Finally the students entered a campus cafeteria, where they watched the documentary after it was downloaded on their mobile phones.

sources said last week government He asked Twitter and YouTube to remove the controversial BBC series on Prime Minister Modi, who claims to have investigated certain aspects of 2002 Gujarat riots while Prime Minister Modi was in the state Chief Minister.

criticism governmentSeveral opposition leaders tweeted alternative links where first of The two parts series can be watched.

in sharp removal of BBC, the center described it as “a publicity piece designed To push a certain narrative that lacks credibility.

Prejudice and lack of “The objectivity and colonial mentality, frankly, is clearly visible,” the foreign ministry said.

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