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Jibran Nasir, lawyer, rescued after 24 hours of abduction

KARACHI: Activist and lawyer Gibran Nasir is back home on Friday evening almost 24 hours after having chosen up unknown men” on Thursday night confirmed it family and the police.

Southern Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Syed Asad Raza confirmed media what the activist has achieved home safely. He said the police team meet Nasir record his statement.

Some hours later after news of his return, Nasir said he was back home well thanks to the efforts of journalists, lawyers, bar councils, civil society and politicians.

‘Unjust Kidnapping’ of Human Rights Lawyer last the night was drawn universal condemnation, with protest outside Karachi Press Club (KPC) earlier today.

His wife Mansha Pasha told Dawn.com late on Thursday night when the couple comes home after dinner around 11 pm when they were intercepted.

“About 15 men in simple clothes with pistols surrounded our vehicle And took Gibran forcefully,” she said. in prayer request video for his recovery. They just kept screaming at us get out of V car and offered no explanation, she added.

Reacting to the news, Senator Faisal Subzwari of the Muttahid Qaumi Movement-Pakistan said: “He’s back, thank God.”

Nasir, who contested 2018 general in Karachi elections as an independent candidate in his criticism of recent government crackdown on PTI, as well as a lawsuit involving those who supposedly took Part in disorder. He was listed in 2013 Foreign Policy Magazine Among Three Pakistanis Making Inspirational work against religious violence.

Last week, senior journalist Sami Abraham was taken away by unknown persons men in Islamabad and returned home six days later. His brother Ali Raza filed a complaint of kidnapping at the Abpara police station.

Meanwhile host Imran Riaz Khan, who was arrested on May 11 from Sialkot airport by law enforcement on accusations of hate speech after violent protests erupted across the country in commemoration of PTI CEO Imran Khan arrest and then chose up To ‘unknown persons after the release, is still missing.

KPC protest

Number of involved human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers in demonstration organized by the Joint Action Committee and chanting of slogans for ‘Liberty’. They also holding posters and banners inscribed with “Free Gibran Nasir.”

Talha Rehman, cousin of Jibran Nasir said the lawyer was “chosen up” in front of his wife at 11 pm last night after which family contacted the police.

However, according to him, the application for A first information the report was delayed for 12-13 hours and finally was registered today at 13:30.

“As far as the authorities are concerned, we are not know about his whereabouts, who picked him up, where did they take him and what are next steps until his release concernedRehman said.

He also said that Nasir family decided to apply in High Court of Sindh for lawyer’s release and will also file a habeas corpus petition.

Karachi Union of Journalists President Fahim Siddiqui also attended the demonstration. Addressing the protesters, he said: “Everyone who speaks about human rights will speak up for Jibran Nasir and demand his immediate release.”

Speaking to Dawn.com, human rights activist Ghazala Shafiq recalled that Nasir work, saying that he was “voice of minorities in country”, and all the churches prayed for his safe return.

“Abduction of Gibran Nasir – Slap on Pakistani society face,” She said.

Zahid Farooq of The City Resource Center told Dawn.com that Nasir was a man who stood for them when the eviction took place in Gujar Null.

Ahmed Shabbar, the founder of the Pakistani maholiati tahafuz movement, asked: “Who is the protector of of defenders?

He said that Nasir stood up for various environmental affairs, be it Bandal Island or the Malir Expressway.

“If a man like Gibran can be kidnapped who otherwise want come up [to take up such cases]? this state failure”, he stressed.

Dr. Habiba Hassan, former member of International Executive Committee of Amnesty International asked the question: “Is government frightened of people who support basic human rights?”

Also present on girls were the reason for cases that Nasir fought. One said: “Gibran like A father he explained to me how I was fooled by my captors who will only use to me for their own accomplishments.”

registered with RPI

In a statement released earlier today, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah expressed concern over Nasir’s “disappearance” and demanded a report from the chief of police. He also instructed the police to expedite the search for a lawyer.

Sindh Human Rights Commission took “suo motu” notification of what happened, calling it “terrible crime”.

He headed south senior superintendent of police to investigate the matter and submit a report within three days, and called on the Sindh police to take “immediate action”. in recovering Nasir.

PPP Chairman and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also retweeted the commission notice.

Speaking on Geo News show ‘Naya Pakistan with Shahzad Iqbal, Rana Sanaullah’s interior minister, said that Nasir family had faced “No difficulty” in filing your complaint and first information the report (FIR) was registered “according to them”.

“I myself spoke with his (Nazir) wife and I have fully assured her that we are fully trying [to recover him] and all agencies were instructed to find out who Nasir with And who kidnapped him like this. We have full hope we get to him and keep him safe recovery possibleSanulla said.

To the question about possible causes for Nasir’s kidnapping despite his absence of any political association, interior minister assumed they were various criminal groups who became active V various points and may serve different purposes.

“Anyway, this is our full efforts, and we hope that we will try resolve cause. family who were with he has to cooperate in the thing is, when they say they don’t know who the abductors did not provide and do not provide information beyond that, we cannot unnecessarily place the blame on someone,” Sanaulla said, adding that first a priority should be Nasira recovery and then other questions could continue like family desired.

Sind I. G. Ghulam Nabi Memon informed media“We have received a complaint from Gibran Nasir. family and the police are trying to trace him.”

FIR was also later settled at the Clifton police station.

Complaint filed by Nasir’s wife Mansha Pasha, copy of which available with Dawn.com refers to sections 365 (kidnapping or kidnapping with intention to secretly and unlawfully imprison a person) and 34 (acts committed by several persons in assistance of common intention) of Pakistan Penal Code.

In it, Pasha said: “On June 1, 2023, I was heading home with my husband when the white Toyota Vigo with registration number BF-4356 — hit our car front and blocked way near the perfect bakery in Hayaban-i-Tanzim.”

“Along with this is a silver corolla hit our car from back and stopped him. About 10-15 armed men dressed in civilian clothing began to behave aggressively with my husband and escaped after putting my husband Gibran Nasir, in their car,” She said.

Pasha also demanded that the lawsuit should be accepted against “10-15 people who kidnapped my husband jibran nasir, for unknown reasons and took him away.”


Several activists, lawyers and journalists condemned Gibran’s “kidnapping” and called for for his immediate release.

In a tweet today, Amnesty International stated: “The kidnapping of Gibran Nasir is another case the country is facing. in recent weeks in commemoration of hacking authorities down on critical voices after violent clashes during arrest”.

It is called on authorities to “promptly and impartially” investigate and locate Gibran.

“If in into custody, Gibran should either be released immediately or, if there is sufficient evidence, delivered in civil court and charge him with an offense recognized by the international community,” the human rights organization notes. added.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) demanded immediate and safe recovery of advocate.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Salman Sufi named news “worried” and hoped Sindh police would help the lawyer family.

Gibran always said against violent extremism and riots. hoping for his safe and immediate return,” he tweeted.

Vice Chairman of the Bar Council of Pakistan Harunur Rashid and Chairman of the Executive Committee Hassan Raza Pasha also published a statement available with Dawn.com condemning Nasir’s “kidnapping”.

“They expressed deep concern about this incident and stated that lawyers do not have with any political party and they only perform their professional duties and any political party and/or the politician may enable them.

“Therefore, the kidnapping /arrest of lawyers in the performance of their professional duties is grossly unreasonable and requires that all arrested lawyers should be released immediately,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the minister for Sherry Rehman, Head of Climate Change and PPP, called for “due process of law” must be followed.

Former Karachi administrator and PPP leader Murtaza Wahab said the effort was undermined. way track Nasir’s whereabouts and “ensure his safe return.” “Will keep everyone posted”, he tweeted.

This was announced at a press conference today. in Karachi, Wahab said he himself concerned like a citizen of Karachi on someone else’s ‘abduction like this”.

He said geofencing is being done out And vehicle involved in the incident is also tracked, adding that any progress and tangible results will be divided with V media.

Journalist Zebunnis Burki said there was no reason for What’s happened with Nasir.

PTI also condemned the incident.

Lawyer Rima Omer said: “Such abductions are a tool for repression and technique for terror used by the state, especially the security/intelligence services, in response to exercise of Liberty of self-expression and legitimate civil unrest demanding democracy.”

Activist Ammar Rashid demanded Nasir’s immediate release. “Some of us including Gibran, tried to warn for months that this wave of the repression will not stop at PTI. Thank you fellow Democrats for this new round of state terror”, he tweeted.

Sindh High Court Bar Association (SHCBA) also strongly condemned the “kidnapping” of advocate.

IN official press release, the association stated: “This action is designed to undermine the independence of V rule of law and intimidate the legal fraternity.”

The SHCBA urged the police and relevant authorities to investigate the incident.”arrest guilty and secure recovery” of Nasir as soon How possible. “However, in happening of failure association will solve it next well of action” is added.

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