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Jeremy Bertino first Proud Boys leader pleads guilty to mutiny conspiracy

lieutenant of a lot of time former Proud Boys chairman Henry “Enrique” Tarrio became groupx first member plead guilty to mutinous conspiracy in January 6 capitol riot on Thursday, deepening the government’s case against en organization accused of mobilizing violence to prevent the inauguration of Joe Biden.

Jeremy Bertino, 43 of Belmont, NC Becomes Potential key witness for ministry of justice against Tarrio and four other Proud Boys leaders, some of had connections with influential supporters of President Donald Trump. Five accused Proud Boys set to face trial in December on allegations, including conspiracy to oppose force presidential transition ended in January 6, 2021 attack in the Capitol.

At a hearing before U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Kelly in Washington, Bertino pleaded guilty to this count and to one count of illegal possession of firearms as a previously convicted offender, punishable by 51 to 63 months in prison when sentencing in accordance with federal guidelines, prosecutors said.

From December 2020 to January 2021, Bertino “deliberately united, colluded, allied and agreed with”leaders of the Proud Boys” and other faces known and unknown to oppose force powers of government of USA and set aside for force performance of transfer laws of power”, the two-page indictment says.

AT sign of in sensitivity and potential value of testimony of Bertino, prosecutors agreed that if he showed “substantial cooperation”, they would seek leniency in sentencing and could put Bertino on the Justice Department’s list of witnesses. protection program.

Bertino spent place in upper inner circle of Proud Boys leaders indicted of conspiracy to obstruct Congress with angry Trump supporters as lawmakers met to confirm elections results. Bertino home in North Carolina searched in March at the same time that Tarrio was arrested on accusations that he and at least four others “led, mobilized and led” the crowd of Between 200 and 300 supporters in the Capitol grounds. A lot of in this crowd is blamed of leading a little of the earliest and most aggressive attacks on police and property.

At that time of During the search, Bertino allegedly found two pistols, a shotgun, a bolt-action rifle and two semi-automatic rifles of the AR-15 type. with scale. Bertino was convicted in 2004 of first- degree of careless danger in State of New York, felony, sentenced to five years of probation with Period of local jail time, according to court records.

Bertino’s testimony may indicate Tarrio’s involvement, former assistant to GOP strategist Roger Stone and co-defendant Joe Biggs, former employee online Information wars show host Alex Jones. Stone and Jones are two prominent figures on the right. who promoted Trump’s inflammatory and baseless claims that the election was stolen.

The stone remained in contact with Trump in Mar-a-Lago and in Washington in weeks leading up until January 6 attack agreed post-electoral protests and private strategies with numbers like former national security adviser Michael Flynn and Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander, according to The Post.

Post Exclusive: Roger Stone Recordings – Video shows attempt to cancel 2020 elections results

Stone also informed via ciphertexts after the 2020 elections with Tarrio, as well as Stuart Rhodes, founder and leader of a second right-wing extremist group Oathkeepers accused of playing oversized role in planning for and organizing violence in the Capitol. Rhodes was on Judicial Thursday for seditious conspiracy in the same courthouse where Bertino spoke.

Tarrio and Rhodes were part of of Alarm chat group called “FOS” – or “Friends” of stone and couple met in underground garage next to the Capitol on the evening before January 6 with leaders of two mass groups of Trump supporters.

Meanwhile, Jones promoted Tarrio’s podcast of November 20, 2020. in which he proposed in foul language call that Trump supporters infiltrate Biden’s inauguration and turn it into a “circus, sign of resistance, and sign of revolution.” The podcast that featured Co-defendants Tarrio Ethan Nordin and Biggs, former Information wars employee first informs online news Daily Dot website and viewed by The Post.

Rhodes, Tarrio, Nordin and Biggs pleaded not guilty to sedition and other charges. Stone, who No charges were filed, and he flatly denied any involvement. in January 6 violation. He previously told The Post: “Any allegation, allegation or allusion that I was aware of was related to in or condoned illegal activities in the Capitol on January 6 categorically false and there is no witness or document to prove otherwise.”

Advocate for Alexander said he testified to the federal grand jury this summer after being assured he was not a target of investigation. Jones’ lawyer did not immediately respond to a request. for comment.

All four to Bertino of fourteen people hit with historically rare charge of seditious conspiracy in Riots in the Capitol who pleaded guilty with Keepers of the Oath.

Tarrio and Bertino were not present. in Washington on January 6, only two of more over 870 defendants on federal charges who were not. But prosecutors claimed that Bertino was in direct contact with Tarrio, who observed events from Baltimore and Nordin, who was in accusation in Washington, according to the 10-count indictment against pair and earlier charging papers.

Released videos show Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio meets with Oath Keepers leader Stuart Rhodes the day before attack on Capitol. (Video: U.S. Attorney’s Office for area of Colombia)

For example, Bertino was a guest of Nordean. in video related to Parler on Dec. 31 in whom Bertino called the “Proud Boys”.soldiers of right wing” at war, and Nordin said Americans should “desensitize” to violence.

On December 30 and 31, according to his indictment, Tarrio exchanged messages with personality who sent him a plan called “The Return of 1776” to occupy “important buildings”. in Washington, including the House of Representatives and the Senate. His indictment stated that the man sent a message to Tarrio, “revolution [sic] the most important thing in the world,” to which Tarrio replied: “This is what every waking moment consists of.” of … I don’t playing games”.

Proud Boys leader charged with CONSPIRACY in Capitoline uprising

January 4, according to his indictment, Tarrio posted a voice message to the Ministry of self defense leaders group of Proud Boys, stating “I didn’t hear that voice pay attention so far want storm the Capitol. After the Capitol was broken into, Tarrio wrote in telegram group chat “We did it”, prosecutors said.

That night, Bertino, previously identified as “Person A” or “Person 1”. in indictments,” Tarrio told 1776, jubilant. with profanity, and Tarrio responded with “Winter Palace”, according to the indictment. Prosecutors allege this is a reference to the Proud Boys’ plan, which included a section called “Storming the Winter Palace” about the Russian Revolution. of 1917 and former Imperial Palace in St. Petersburg attacked by the Bolsheviks, CNN first reported.

Bertino also proposed Tarrio that the elections result may be invalidated if legislators failed to vote by midnight, an argument that echoed an attempt by Trump’s own lawyers to deny a Biden victory.

Bertino was on radar screen of both the FBI and the House Select Committee investigating events of January 6. Bertino told the House of Representatives panel what membership “trebled” after Trump famously urged the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand aside” during the 2020 presidential debate, according to a video clip of his interview was played in hearing in the House of Representatives in June.

Social media January 6 posts, videos, and earlier FBI indictments also indicate that the leaders of the Nordean and Proud Boys were motivated to confront the police that day. in in part by what they considered an insufficient response to being stabbed of Bertino outside Bar Harry in in downtown Washington after a demonstration by Trump supporters the previous month.

In the Proud Boys live video filmed at the Capitol shortly before the assault, Nordin can be seen yelling at the police through a bullhorn, “You took our boy ina you let go of our knife” is an obvious reference to Tarrio’s story. arrest and dismissal of accusations against another person originally accused of participation in hand-to-hand combat on December 12. January 4 Nordean shared post of photographer of himself and Bertino signed: “And fight we will” and included a link to his podcast “Rebel Talk with Rufio. in which he and Bertino discussed with the knife wound.

At least two other Proud Boys defendants pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct a joint congressional trial. on January 6 and agreed to cooperate with in governmentMatthew Green, 34 of Syracuse, NY and Charles Donoghue, 34 of Kernersville, North Carolina

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