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Jay’s Sandbar Food Boat capsizes and sinks in Florida

popular floating restaurant capsized and sank in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Sunday. No one was hurt but the owner of The vessel Jay’s Sandbar Food Boat stated that this vessel “total loss.”

The Fort Lauderdale Fire and Rescue Department said crews responded to call of the ship is sinking.

“On the arrival crews found Jay’s iconic floating food truck sinking fast,” FLFR said. in statement. “Grade of the scene showed that there were no injuries and no immediate danger to environment.”

According to the owner, Jeremy Laika, the boat’s stabilizing pontoon “burst”. The worker said that the wake from a passing boat caused it’s a click, CBS Miami reported. After the outrigger broke, the boat capsized and sank. in less than five minutes, according to CBS Miami.

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Two people, the hostess and the cook, were on board at the time the boat sank, Like told CBS News.

“I’m empty of sure, but my crew got out safely and no one was hurt,” Laike wrote. on Facebook adding that the boat sank in “just 4 feet of water.”

Jay’s Sandbar Food Boat was a popular floating boat. restaurant who would deliver food to boaters and water skiers in Fort Lauderdale. The boat was in operation for three years, according to Facebook owner post announce a flood.

“We will rebuild sometime now first we have to remove her shallow grave,” Laike wrote. He told CBS News that about $85,000 was damaged. in damage but hope rebuild boat and open ground location.

FLFR reported that Lycke contacted private rescue company for refloating and removing the boat from the Coastal Route”in coming days.”


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