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January 6 selection committee votes subpoena Trump for statements, documents in connection with Storming the Capitol

Washington – House Select Committee investigating Storm on January 6 on US Capitol unanimously voted on Thursday issue subpoena former President Donald Trump for documents and statements.

9-0 vote happened before the conclusion of formal committee business meeting panel convened Thursday, during which of nine of its members made presentations on campaign Trump to cancel results of 2020 presidential election and prevent the transfer of power. NBC news was first report on news of Committee plans to vote on Trump’s subpoena.

“Thanks to tireless work of our members and researchers, we have left certainly not that Donald Trump has spearheaded an attempt to destroy American democracy, which directly result in violence of January 6, said Rep. Benny Thompson, chairman of the committee. He tried to deprive voice of American people in choosing their president and replacing the will of voters with his wish remain in power. He one man in the center of in story of what’s happened on January 6. So we want hear from him.”

Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, said the committee “has an obligation” to get Trump’s testimony.

House Committee Holds Public Hearing on January 6
Rep. Benny Thompson, Mississippi Democrat and Chairman of House Select Committee to Investigate the Events of January 6 attack on The US Capitol (center) speaks at the hearing in Washington, on Thursday, October 13, 2022

Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

“This is a question about accountability American people. He must be held accountable,” he continued. – He required reply for his actions. He required answer these cops who lay down their lives and bodies on line of defense for our democracy. He required answer millions of Americans, whose votes he wanted to throw out as part of his scheme remain in power. And whatever happens ensure his accountability by law, this committee will demand a full bookkeeping for american people of in events of January 6”.

Rep. Liz Cheney, vice chairman of the committee, proposed a resolution that the committee sends a chairman to issue agenda for trump for documents and statements in connection with assault on January 6 on Capitol building.

“Our duty today for our country, and our children and our Constitution,” she said. We must look for answers directly from a man who set all this in traffic. And we have the right to answers today, so we can act now to protect our republic.”

AT post on his social media On Truth Social, Trump asked why the select committee did not ask him to testify sooner.

“Why did they wait until the very end, final moments of them last meeting? Since the Committee is total “BOOST”, which only further divided our country, which, way things are going very badly – The laughing stock of everyone over World?” he wrote.

Late Thursday night he posted there again stating: “The unelected committee is a gigantic scam chaired by over on group of Radical left losers and two failed Republicans like them of which our country has rarely seen before. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” and promising to convey more of his thoughts on Friday morning.

Thompson told reporters in advance of proceedings which the committee “did not decide outcalling Trump to court. Making an opening statement to start of hearing, he noted that it was an official committee business meeting allowing members to “potentially hold a committee vote on further investigative actions based on this evidence.

vote force former President to provide evidence is a sharp escalation in committee investigation, during which panel held more more than 1000 interrogations and testimonies, including with a range of White House officials, members of Trump Cabinet and campaign helpers. Thompson noted gravity of in decision subpoena Trump, calling it a “serious and extraordinary action” that requires vote in public view.

Members of the committee have repeatedly stated over well of his public inquiry, they considered whether to ask Vice President Mike Pence to appear before them, but have not yet decided whether to do so. But asked if the committee would subpoena former Vice President, Thompson on Thursday said no. Until Thursday they also have not yet said whether they have decided issue subpoena former the president.

Trump most likely challenge selection committee agenda. in the paston filed a petition in federal courts intervene in efforts by Congressional Democrats to get his tax returns and financial records, as well as an attempt by a select committee to obtain the Trump White House records from the National Archives and Records Administration.

In January the Supreme Court turned down Trump’s request to block release of his White House papers, and the committee received reports soon after. Only Judge Clarence Thomas noted that he would grant Trump’s request. shield records of House investigators.

At a committee meeting on Thursday, the Supreme Court declined request from Trump for it to intervene in dispute over documents he brought with him from the White House to his residence in South Florida, Mar-a-Lago, at the end of his presidency in January 2021 There were no disagreements.

During the course of this is year-long investigation, special committee mapped out what he described as a multifaceted effort on the part of former president stay in office despite losing the 2020 election to President Biden.

Those efforts that were rooted in his baseless claims that elections were common with election fraud, climax in January 6, 2021, assault on US Capitol.

Investigators arrested eight public summer hearings, with Trial on Thursday, their ninth will probably be his last. Cheney said in his opening remarks that the focus of the meeting is “Trump State of reason, his intentions, his motives and how he encouraged others to do his bidding.”

“Great weight of evidence presented so far has shown us what is central cause of January 6th was one man Donald Trump, who many others followed,” she said. of it would have happened without him. He personally and significantly participated in all of It.”

In her final remarks before vote on Subpoena to Trump Cheney said the committee has “enough information” to answer questions about the January 6 assault, and also “enough information” consider criminal links to several people.

“But,” she said, “ key a task remains: We must seek sworn testimony of Central January 6 player.”

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