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James Stunt tells court he loved his ex Petra Ecclestone, not her bank account – on time money laundering test | UK News

Socialite James Stant told the court that he loves his ex-wife Petra Ecclestone, not her bank Account”.

40-year-old stuntman among eight people on accused of multimillion pound money laundering scheme.

former son-in-law of Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone is believed to be involved. in Operation moving £266 million in bank Account of Gold from Bradford dealer Fowler Oldfield between 2014 and 2016.

Petra Ecclestone in London in 2018

The Leeds Cloth Hall Court heard he was implicated in the scheme after marrying the F1 heiress fell through down and “river of money” from her family was “dry”.

The prosecutor’s office claims that “criminal cash”has been collected from all over the country and placed in Fowler Oldfield before things” got going. nationaland Stunt’s London office also started receiving funds.

Stunt told jurors he was involved in the gold industry because it was “something I had good knowledge of”.

Asked about his relationship with his ex-wife who he divorced in In 2017, he said, “I’m not a Kardashian, I’ve never done anything to achieve fame.

“Wow, I have some money, I married a famous person daughter. It wasn’t what I wanted, I loved my wife, I didn’t love her bank Account.”

He added that Miss Ecclestone family was “very controlling of our marriage” and that a couple of three children “had to be born in United Kingdom for tax reasons.

Stunt got emotional when its late brother Lee Stant was mentioned.

Bernie Ecclestone in London in  2018
Bernie Ecclestone in London in 2018

He said that wanted trial of “clear my name and his.

Prosecutors said that Mr. Stunt, who died in 2017, participated in control business Stunt and Co which they claim was used to collect and count”criminal cash”.

Protecting him, his own brother said: “My brother was the nicest person I have ever met met as well as for these slanderous accusations – I don’t mind for me, but not here to defend him himself.”

Petra Ecclestone (ur.left) with her sister Tamara
Petra Ecclestone (ur.left) with her sister Tamara

Increased up between Belgravia and the country club

Describing his childhood in detail, Stant said he grew up up between London’s Belgravia and “a rather exclusive country club”.

He was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and addicted to a benzodiazepine after a panic attack. attack at the Monza Grand Prix in Italy in 2008, he told the court.

Shtant then said that he became addicted to morphine and cocaine when they separated from his wife. brother died – and the police searched Fowler Oldfield’s premises.

Socialite James Stunt arrives at Leeds Crown Court to appear on money-laundering accusations.  Photo date: Wednesday, January 5, 2022
On the picture outside court in January this year

He added: “I have a very exciting personality. I was second biggest player in in world in one dot.”

But he said he was sober for three years.

As part of interrogation, he was asked about the charitable donations he made King Charles’ Charity The Prince’s Trust and Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation in 2015.

Stunt, 40, Heidi Buckler, 45, Greg Frankel, 44, Paul Miller, 45, Harun Rashid, 51, Daniel Rawson, 45, Francesca Sota, 34, and Alessancer Tulloch, 41, all deny money laundering. Stunt and Sota also deny fake. The trial continues.

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