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Jacob Rees-Mogg: “I’m all for nanny, not nanny state’ | The Sunday Times Magazine

Tis he minister for Brexit opportunities and government efficiency explains how billions of pounds locked up in City institutions will be liberated through the rise of EU rules. “We can expect investment big wow.” — Jacob Rees-Mogg says enthusiastically.

The replica has crash. BUT football flies across the front lawn where Rees-Mogg children are playing and crashes into four-year-Old Sixtus, Jr. “He was almost beheaded” says Thomas, ten years old, helps his brother off step. “In that case it good I have five jobs moresighs Rhys-Mogg’s wife, Helena, scooping up Sixtus. up for hugs. After verification for bumps and bruises and a blow to his nose soon smiles again but when match resume he sends to play instead

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