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Jacks up oil prices, again

— Oil prices up by 2.07 rubles per liter

— Diesel prices increased by 2.99 rubles per liter.

ISLAMABAD: coalition government raised up prices of gasoline at 2.07 rubles per liter and more speed diesel (HSD) at 2.99 rupees per liter for in first fifteen days of September 2022.

According to the details, government increased price per liter price of gasoline at Rs 2.07 per liter, HSD at Rs 2.99 per liter, kerosene at Rs 10.92 per liter and light diesel fuel (LDO) at 9.79 rupees per liter. for in first half of September. And, after this hike, gasoline will now be available at Rs 235.98 per litre, diesel at Rs 247.43 per liter, kerosene at Rs 210.32 per liter and LDO at Rs 201.54 per liter. in Open market of country for in first fifteen days of September.

In a fortnight review of prices for petroleum products, government reviewed recommendations for a partial increase in prices of petroleum products in line with change in in international oil prices and fluctuations in exchange rate— reported in the financial department.

it added that the oil levy was kept to a minimum in to help consumers.

It is pertinent to note that gasoline earlier available at Rs 233.91 per litre, diesel at Rs 244.44 per liter, kerosene at Rs 199.40 per liter and light Diesel fuel was sold at 191.75 rupees per litre. in Pakistan.

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