Jack Fenton: sister of British man killed by helicopter blade says ‘somebody should to be punished’ for tragedy

Sister of Briton killed after hit helicopter blade in Greece demanded that someone punished after a tragic incident.

Jack Fenton, 22, was disembarking from a Bell 407 helicopter in private the airport in Athens when he was deadly hit aircraft rear propeller killing him instantly.

social media the junior head of the firm was returning from holiday in Mykonos and was supposed to fly to the UK after the helicopter flight.

Daisy Fenton, 20, denied reports by Greek authorities that Jack had fled back to the helicopter and refused to listen to calls for him to stop.

“Jack is not 10-year“old, he’s 22, if someone yelled at him to stop, he wouldn’t go any further,” Daisy said. Independent.

“Not one he said to stop just walked around back no one knew he did it. Not one knows why, we don’t know know if he forgot something or was going to another side but obviously it was dark and it hit in back of his head,” she said.

Daisy said the plane’s staff had ordered the passengers to assemble. off helicopter when the propellers were still working.

“This was Jack’s house. first time in helicopter, they let them out while still running, it’s only right that the accusations are pressing and there is some kind of of punishment,” Daisy said.

“It is only fair that, since they do not give instructions.”

Daisy said Jack was on holiday with his friends at the time of incident during family was in home in UK when they got heartbreaking news.

Ioannis Kandyllis, President of Greek committee for Accident Investigator, who is investigating the incident, said witnesses he spoke to described Mr Fenton holding a phone to his ear as he was back towards the helicopter.

“All four passengers disembarked and were taken to private waiting room private flight for London,” said Mr Candyllis.

But how were they in the victim escaped from the cabin and returned to the airfield, rushing to the helicopter on fast pace. Witnesses we spoke to said he had a phone to his ear and walked quickly towards the plane, ignoring the cries from the ground crew, “Stop! Stop!’

“Within seconds, a tragic accident occurred. It was terrible”.

But 20-year-old Jack Stanton-Gleaves was in helicopter with victim and refuted allegations that he was on his phone, adding that no instructions had been given.

He said MailOnline passengers disembarked on their own and were not accompanied to private sit back. Instead, he said, the accident happened before we got to the living room.

Daisy, University student in university of Manchester, also asked why she brother try to take a selfie back of helicopter while it was dark.

AT tribute to her brother, Daisy said: “Honestly, he was the sweetest boy, he was a bit on shy side everyone loved him because he was there for chat, he was family human. What a pity that he was like that great boy.”

family now waiting for the return of Jack remains.

According to local reports, the pilot and two ground technicians appeared before prosecutors and testified. in connection with the incident, and were subsequently released.

“All three face accusations of negligent homicide,” a spokesman said. for Greek police said. “How the accident happened is still unclear. It was a very unfortunate incident. We hope the British family stay strong.”

Mr. Fenton’s friends are believed to have given evidence to investigators and local authorities. media said all three had returned to the UK.

It is expected that the investigation will establish the reason why the helicopter engine did not work. on when the passengers arrived off.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office, Commonwealth and Development Office said: “We supporting in family of British who already dead in Greece and in contact with local authorities”.


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