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IVSZ and Women in Technology are looking for female role models over 40 in the digital economy

WISZ and Women in Technology are launching a joint tender through which the two organizations can establish role models for economic actors and the next generation. According to IVSZ and WiTH, the number of female digital professionals in the Hungarian infocomm sector is quite small, and through their work they make a significant contribution to the competitiveness of their company, the technology and ICT sector and, ultimately, the Hungarian economy. . For this reason, the app invites candidates from companies and organizations that are innovative and open-minded, who take pride in the work of their employees or the women who work in their circle as entrepreneurs, and who would be happy to set an example of organizational diversity through their female employees.

Today, there are about eight million communication professionals in the European Union, and only 17 percent of them are women, and in Hungary the situation is even worse. , and only 12 percent of women among digital professionals. IVSZ – The Digital Economy Association and the Association of Women in Technology (WiTH) will help improve a small proportion of female digital professionals through a recently announced tender.

More than 40 women role models in the digital economy through a tender, both organizations provide publicity and visibility to those women professionals working in the digital economy who, through their daily work, make a significant contribution to the competitiveness of their company, the ICT sector. , high-tech industries and, ultimately, the Hungarian economy.

Another important goal of the initiative is to make women over 40 visible, whose work and presence are the engine of the domestic digital economy. economy, and help increase the number of women employees and women leaders in the technological fields of the digital economy. According to a previous HIGH study, the older a woman is, the more likely she is to leave the sector and change her career or choose services and businesses in the ICT sector (e.g. business analyst, business analyst, project management positions). ).

Through the competition, IVSS and SITH also want to draw the attention of domestic employers to the fact that people over 40-50 years old, that is, representatives of Generation X, can contribute to the life of the company with high professional knowledge , many years of experience and practice, to its value.

The increase in the number of women in the digital economy can represent a significant reserve both in the EU and in Hungary, and this in the domestic IT and infocomm sector, as well as in technology industries and other areas that are on the path to digitization need to raise awareness among active companies. professional organization, business association, government agency, non-governmental organization, educational institution, one organization can submit several applications.

Any woman over 40 who meets one of the following criteria for recognition may be nominated. :
• Achieved excellence in technology and digital (IT) work (e.g. He achieved excellence in STEM while working as a developer and manager of a technology company).
• He achieved excellence in fields of information technology, telecommunications, technology, IT/digital work. and the ICT sector, regardless of the position held – in government, public companies, in non-profit organizations (for example, in the field of innovation or in the implementation of a digitalization project)
• During his daily work, he does a lot to recognize technologies, digitalization and IT, infocommunication and electronics sectors. This category welcomes all women, regardless of their job or position, who are key players in the digital economy. This category is open to teachers, university professors, human resources managers, legal representatives and civil society representatives.
Recognition of candidates is decided by the judging commission, in which the organizers pay attention to diversity, therefore, the commission includes women, men, specialists of different ages, positions and positions, economic companies appear on the labor market, as well as in the competitive sector both the state and the professional interests of education are represented. The planned date of the award is January 2023

Detailed information about the application and nomination can be found on the website of the IVSZ

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