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ITM is starting to develop Europe's largest supercomputer with OTP

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) and OTP Bank are starting to develop the largest supercomputer in Europe – announced Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics at his presentation on the zero day of the Information Space conference in Balatonfüred on Tuesday. Within the framework of the agreement, the most up-to-date, self-learning Hungarian language model based on artificial intelligence will be developed, which, among other things, can handle the entire banking process through telephone customer services. The supercomputer will be able to use the data entered in Hungarian in other areas of everyday life, such as education, research and development, the market sector. ”

As is well known, the supercomputer is currently one of the world’s is the most advanced tool developed specifically for artificial intelligence tasks, which will start operating in two locations in Hungary by the middle of next year. The opportunities offered by computers are intended to be made available to public actors, universities and small and medium-sized enterprises, among others. László Palkovics also spoke about the fact that data should not be lost, it should be managed. In addition to data protection, the data policy also includes a system of public and private data, “he said.” The artificial intelligence strategy was adopted in. The value chain elements of artificial intelligence are the National Data Economy Knowledge Center, the National Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence, and the Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation. The goal is to train one percent of the Hungarian population to be proficient in artificial intelligence.

Speaking about the first volume of the book Meter Meter, which was recently published by the Civil Service University, Corvinus University and the Central Statistical Office (CSO), he said. , is an interesting read, as it presents the problem of the differences between the data collections prepared on the basis of different methodologies, ie how the difference of the measurement tools affects the obtained result.

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