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It throws away the power of quantum computers when all that comes next to the processor

Most quantum computers developed to date consist of a series of qubits embedded in a 2D chip that compute information directly. Classical computers, on the other hand, consist of a data-processing processor and a memory that stores information.

Researchers at the Université Paris-Saclay, the CNRS and the CEA have recently completed a study the performance of quantum computers has been studied. Their results, published in Physical Review Letters, suggest that the incorporation of quantum information storage units may allow the creation of devices whose processors contain significantly fewer qubits.

“The architecture generally considered for quantum computers is that all qubits are placed on a 2D chip and the computation is run directly on these qubits.In our work, we wanted to question this idea by placing all qubites on a single processor and investigating another architecture closer to classical computers, where a small processor is connected to a memory, “said Élie Gouzien, one of the researchers conducting the study, to Phys.org.

To effectively compare their architecture with existing quantum computing systems, Gouzien and colleagues decided to assess the ability to run a particular algorithm. More specifically, they assessed the resources required by their architecture to run the given algorithm, including the additional cost of error correction.

“We elaborated the resolution of the algorithm into elementary gates and adapted it to the architecture under consideration. These two parts were then put together to evaluate the physical resources needed to run the factorization algorithm, “the researcher explained.

Overall, Gouzien and colleagues found that adding a memory component can dramatically reduce the number of qubits. within the processor of a quantum computer system. The architecture they developed could be implemented by placing a microwave interface between a processor of superconducting qubits and a multiplexed memory.

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