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Israel warns the world of a dangerous threat if Iran gets nuclear

The Israeli National Security Adviser, Eyal Holata, warned that the world would face unprecedented threats if Iran obtained a nuclear weapon. , that Israel has always talked about all the fermentation activities carried out by Iran throughout the region, which portends a great danger if Tehran acquires a nuclear weapon.

He also stressed that if Iran achieved its nuclear ambitions, the region would not be as We never know it today, indicating that the world will be facing severe threats if measures are not taken to stop that threat, according to a report carried by the “Jerusalem Post”.

And he warned of a new nuclear arms race that would destroy the current non-proliferation regime.

In addition, he pointed out that Iran had previously deterred from developing a nuclear weapon when it was firmly directed, calling for unifying efforts to not Allowing Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.

He also made it clear that Tehran will continue to procrastinate to obtain more concessions unless it confronts it firmly to prevent it from achieving its goals.

Shared objectives with America

is referred to as a N. Holata spoke at the annual Manama Dialogue Forum of government ministers and experts on security challenges in the region, in a committee called “Militias, Missiles and Nuclear Proliferation”.

He stressed that the United States and Israel may not agree on everything, except They share goals, including preventing Iran from being able to penetrate nuclear weapons and limiting its regional hegemony.

This came as the US envoy to Iran, Robert Malley, warned last Friday that Tehran was approaching the point of no return. to revive the nuclear deal, after it boosted its stockpile of enriched uranium before talks resume this month.

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