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ISPR Denies Establishment ‘Soft Intervention’ Report Amid Deepening Political and Economic Crisis

— Dr. Alvey calls on government agencies, media to help set up the government is really people of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: General Manager of ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar denied media a report that said the establishment was considering a “soft intervention” whereby it could mediate between PTI chairman Imran Khan and coalition parties, including PML-N, PPP, JUI-F and others, while political and economic crises engulf Pakistan.

The publication says there is a chance of “grand dialoguebetween opposition and government with intervention of institution.

The report comes out as the Pakistani rupee continues to decline. against United States dollar and Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) also watching the constant fall in recent sessions – both markets recorded historical lows.

Not only this, but also also there was constant political instability after the expulsion of the khan from power as political parties continue to take legal action over political problems and Punjab government It has also remained a question of contention – given that Hamza took the oath twice as chief minister in almost four months. Hamza Shahbaz took the oath twice as chief minister in this period, but with his appointment defied time and again in courts, the matter has now come to the point that he was appointed the main trustee minister till Monday.

The situation gave way to probability for in next general elections place soon, with sources indicate the time frame for October.

‘Khan ready for negotiation’

This was announced by senior journalist Suheil Warraikh. Geo News what he met exiled prime minister and that “Khan is ready for negotiation” with in coalition government on three issues: elections and electoral reforms, economic agenda and appointment of army chief.

The journalist said there was a possibility that Khan would write a letter to President Arif Alvi and he might help in negotiations between PTI and government.

Everyone thinks that political parties should resolve their questions peacefully,” the journalist said.

Alvi calls on government agencies, media to play role bring peoplegovernment

Shortly thereafter, President Dr. Alvey stressed that public institutions and media should help create environment to set up a government what really represents people of Pakistan.

Speech at the Fifth Islamabad Chamber of At the ICCI Awards for Excellence in Trade and Industry, the President explained: government will reflect people’s aspirations and hopes for ensure political and economic stability needed for promotion businesstrade and investment in country.”

During the ceremony, the President said, “Pakistan can rise within a decade, if it strengthens its democracy, establishes government it was really representative of it is people Russia’s aspirations and leadership made the right of decisions to curb corruption, support justice and promoted human rights.” He said that advisory institutions, trade both investment and passion were key Ingredients for any nation to become prosperous.

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