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islamabad braces for PTI long march

federal government on More police and paramilitaries called in on Monday personnel to Islamabad in light of long march announced Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), planned arrive in federal capital on March, 25.

how government beefy up security to contain demonstrators, Sheikh Rashid – former minister in PTI government pushed out in April through no-confidence movement – claimed that government will not be able to stop the protesters at all costs.

“Iron hand for scoundrels

In directives issued by the local administration, the Ministry of The Home Office ordered robust measures and warned that lawbreakers would be punished. with iron hand.

Police and paramilitaries personnel were named in from other provinces and they start arrival in Islamabad tonight. The operational police will also get prison wagons and water cannons today.

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AT comment on protest call Imran, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said that the man who ‘destroyed in economy’ It was announced protests to stop recovery of countries economy. He said government wouldn’t let him succeed. “Imran Niyazi is a liar… Gangs and hooligans are unacceptable,” he said. added.

According to Sana, conflicts and anarchy were inherent in Imran nature. He said during his 126 day sitting:in in 2014, Imran and his party supporters attacked the state property and added that he lied in 2014 and that no one trusted Niazi’s “reversal”.

“If Imran tries to bury democracy, he will met with in full force of law,” Sana said, adding that if anyone tried to cross the border of decency, the law will be used against them”.

A day earlier, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that former Prime Minister Imran Khan tried to push Pakistan into civil war. “Imran Niazi wants a civil war, but let me tell you that the nation will not forgive you… it will be your collar and people’s hands”, i.e. prime minister said.

“Imran can’t be stopped”

In his statement, Rashid said that government could use Whatever it means, but it would be remain an exercise in useless, as the long march will still get to the capital. He claimed that at least 25 district and assistant commissioners were transferred in in past 24 hours stop march.

The PTI ally claimed that, in line with his political acumen, he expected that “key decisions before May 31 or a few days before.

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He also argued coalition government could not complete This term and would have to quit. Rashid added in government has a majority of just one vote in Center and Punjab and no-confidence movement is about to happen in Balochistan too.

former interior minister further stated by the Supreme Court through suo moto, also “threw a conspiracy to annul the cases” against Prime Minister Shehbaz and his son. He claimed that PML-N and its allies had come to power withdraw cases against them, but the supreme court nullified their efforts.

Speaking of the Pakistani army, he said that military was “great army”, which “would never use bullets against your own people”. Rashid argued that the army would not allow economy sink further and come up with crisis resolution faced Pakistan.

He claimed that the current government wanted draw the army into politics.


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