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ISI, MB join investigate hate campaign


government extended scale of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) investigates negative propaganda against martyrs of recent military helicopter crash in Balochistan including two officers of the main intelligence agencies of the country in the investigation team.

FIA opens hate investigation campaign on social media announcing a four-person joint investigation team (JIT), led by Cybercrime Wing (CCW) Additional CEO Muhammad Jaafar on Sunday.

Ministry of the Interior on On Monday, another notice was issued saying that JIT also include Lieutenant Colonel Saad of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Deputy Director of Intelligence Bureau (IB), Waqar Nisar. Other members of The JIT includes FIA CCE Director Wakaruddin Syed, CCW Additional Director Ayaz Khan and Assistant Director Imran Haider.

The investigation was commissioned both by some political fanatics and by the of social media activists launched a hateful campaign on popular social media platforms to promote their personal and political malice, followed by an army helicopter crash on August 1.

Six army officers, including the commander of the Quetta Corps, Lieutenant General Sarfraz Ali, were martyred. in in crash in Balochistan. martyrs were on a mission to ease the flood people in provinces.

six- member of joint investigation team find out those who hurt reputation of country and its institutions, launching such trends against institutions and judiciary in in the past including those who ran negative campaigns about helicopters and martyrs on social media.

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Sources on Monday said the JIT would track these who negative tendencies and their instigators were launched.

team would also explore these who damaged reputation of country and institutions. After verification, action will be taken. against such elements, sources added.

Previously on On Sunday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the fact that social media campaign aimed at belittling and ridiculing the victims of martyrs, noticing that smug political narratives poison the minds of youth and hate speech.

Writing on his handle on Twitter, prime minister slammed this “horror” campaign, emphasizing that the moment is called for deep reflection and retrospective. “Which the way we go? in prime minister asked, expressing his concern.

” social media campaign belittling and ridiculing victims of our martyrs were terrible. This is what complacent political narratives do: they poison minds of youth and use hate speech as a weapon. Which the way are we leading? The moment is calling for deep reflection,” Shehbaz tweeted.

The Pakistani army expressed serious concern over propaganda campaign after the incident. Video statements of some elements were also come on record in that they talked about their affiliation, and promised not to spread such vile propaganda in in future.

Last week, the Interagency Public Relations Service (ISPR) strongly condemned “offensive and derogatory” comments. made certain group of people saying it was “caused deep grief and calamity among Shuhad’s families and members” of armed forces.

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