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is found new Rs 2.25 crore track linked to Sanjay Raut: ED to court

After the questioning of MP Shiv Sena Sanjay Raut in Custody for Four Days, Execution Department (ED) on Thursday claimed that a new effect of proceeds of crime of It was revealed that Rs 2.25 crore is linked to redevelopment of Saul project in Northern Suburb of Mumbai. was ED last The week said that Raut and I carried him family they were direct beneficiaries of 1.06 crores linked to the case.

Extra amount allegedly revealed in The last Four days including Rs 1.17 crore paid in cash Transactions of land owners from whom Raut purchased the land in Alibag. The rest was 1.08 crore rupees found to be received in The bank accounts of He claimed Varsha, Raut’s wife. Varsha was called by the emergency department.

The court noted that there was a “remarkable progress” in Case and send Root to custody of ED until Monday. The agency had requested the detention of the leader for eight more days.

The ED arrested Raut . arrested post midnight on Monday. On Thursday, she claimed that a new effect of proceeds of crime been detected.

“In the past Four days later, several documents were retrieved. While investigating those, it was found Some amounts were paid by unrelated persons in The bank accounts of The accused’s wife (Varsha Raut). Entire amount deposited in That specific period is Rs 1.08 crore. There is no specific explanation on Why did you deposit such huge sums? in to her bank Special Prosecutors Heten Venigvakar and Kavita Patel introduced.

The ED case relates to the Patra Chawl case, where it is alleged instead of saving homes for Displaced population and managers of They were deceived by HDIL et al. allegedly total amount of Rs 1039.70 crore received in the accounts of HDIL and Guru Ashish Constructions, of which was received by Praveen Raut 112 crore.

keep in room with No ventilation: Root

Mumbai: The court asked Sanjay Raut if he had any complaints of Maltreatment against ED officers. The deputy told the court that after investigating him keep in room with no ventilation. Reut said he has a heart condition and suffers from discomfort. ED told the court that all of that building It had air conditioning, including the room I stayed root in. Reut said he couldn’t see the air conditioner. Court ordered ED to arrange a room with natural ventilation. ENS

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