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Iran..Two people were killed in a mysterious explosion at an oil company in Ahvas

Iranian sources reported today, Sunday, that an oil company in the city of Hawiza, west of Ahvas, exploded in a gas pipeline, killing two people. In southern Iran, which includes the “Bushehr” nuclear plant, in a new accident that is added to the series of fires that Iran has recently been exposed to, according to the Iranian “Fars” agency, Friday evening.

She added: “The cause of the fire that erupted within the Iranian army’s naval area in the city of Bushehr has not yet been known.”

Last month, Iran said that an explosion at its important nuclear facility “Natanz” was an act of sabotage carried out by Israel, and vowed to avenge an attack that appeared to be carried out by Israel. It is the latest chapter of a war that has been going on in secret for a long time, considering that “the aim of the work is to target Iran’s nuclear capabilities.”

The incident came hours after Iran announced the start of new advanced centrifuges in “Natanz”.

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